The Happy People Co. Turns 3!

I had the best time on Friday because I was listening to Chicane perform live at Chivas Live @ RVP. I was with Sham and Joe at the VIP/VVIP bar and we were just having fun

At the VIP bar
Sham, Me and Joe

Before the crowd came

So it was The Happy People Company’s 3rd birthday party on Monday at Dempsey Ben & Jerry’s and my batch of scoopies decided to meet up and head to the bash together.

It was a rather huge event. The moment we, the newbie scoopies, settled down at a relegated corner, we started taking a lot of pictures

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Ting Ting, Sarah, Me and Yi Ling

#46 rocks!
Grace, Ting Ting, Sarah, Me and Yi Ling

We had some food and drinks, and tried to find our other fellow-batch of scoopies that were busy with the admin side and the fashion show. (Yes! We actually had a fashion show.)

#46 rocks!
With Carol on the left

The Happy Owner, TK, came by and we tried getting a photo with him.

With TK
With our Happy Boss

#46 rocks!

#46 rocks!

By the bar
Ting Ting, Cherlin and I by the bar

After the fashion show, we managed to grab James to join us in a group photo. It was rather irritating because he kept disappearing half the time :?

By the bar
Batch #46 of scoopies

After the fashion show, cake-cutting, performances and thanking everyone else, it was time to par-tay! The music kept switching between R&B and hip hop to disco music. And it was a tad infuriating because I did not like the latter. Still, we all had fun

Party on!

With some Dempsey scoopies

Party's not over yet!

With Uncle Donald

It was a blast and we all had fun To think that not even into a month with Ben & Jerry’s and my batch get to enjoy the party I can’t wait for next year’s!


  1. That is so great and it sounds like you had so much fun. I loved looking at all the photos, they are brilliant. You really are a stand out as well, you have this giant spark and energy, that just draws the eye to you. *wub*

  2. from your pictures looks like you definitely had a good time =) I havent been out for ages.. need a good night out soon! lol

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. I’ve heard of Chicane (I think he came here in Manila to have a concert, though I must admit I haven’t really *seen* him yet even on TV). And I agree with Kya. I think it’s the smile. Or the hair. Or both.

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