I know it’s really odd for someone like me to adore High School Musical. But I can’t help it. The songs are pretty catchy and good, plus, the choreography for the dance moves are really, really impressive.

Not to mention Zac and Vanessa just totally melt my heart whenever they are on-screen. Did I mention that Lucas is like, good? He can really pull the hot pink pants off!

And, yeah, I watched High School Musical 3: Senior Year twice in theaters in a day


  1. I’m not a very big fan of High School Musical but I did enjoy watching the first two. I think I’ll just wait for Disney to air HSM3 XD

  2. ehh.. not a fan of hsm.. cos i din watch any of the 3. haha. but i guess we all have certain movies that appeal to us. glad u found one of those

  3. I never really got into HSM… that’s because I’ve never really tried watching it regularly. I can understand its appeal though…

  4. I wasn’t a fan of HSM until I forced myself one night to watch the first one. I thought I would be blown away, but it was just okay. However, I’m definitely going to be watching HSM2 and 3 soon!

    Wow, twice in theaters in a day?

  5. I watched the first HSM…and I kind of liked it. I tried getting into the second one, but it just wasn’t that great for me so I stopped watching the trilogy.

  6. Man, I haven’t even been able to sit through the first one in it’s entirety. But if you like it, then you like it.

  7. hey no worries, i’m twenty-four,yes 24, lol… and i love the movie too. plus, i’m always a fan of almost any musical/dancing related movie =D but i haven’t watch the movie yet. heard it was very good too

  8. I have never seen the first one and not likely to see any of them =) not a big fan of musicals. My friends daughter is obsessed with it lol

  9. I’ve never watched anything about HSM but I won’t deny that it looks good. I just have never really had anything to do with it. I was a bit surprised when a local theater here in Springfield, Missouri actually performed the first HSM! Plus I think Vanessa is like, the hottest chick in the world. I just love her.

  10. Youre such a dork. Lmao just kidding. You like HSM just as much as I adore harry potter & the twilight epidmic thats sweeping the nation Oh yes everyone wants to be a vampire!

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