one of those weekends

So it was Jo’s 24th birthday and we celebrated at Spageddies. This year for her, we didn’t get a cake so we could invest more on the present

The food was disappointing and it would probably be the last time I ever dine there. Then again, the first and last time I dined there before Friday was almost a good five years ago. A lot has changed.

Saturday was spent lazing around and watching the first season of Prison Break again.

On Sunday, Guan and I went to Funan DigitaLife Mall to get my DVD fixed. Apparently there’s something on my discs but I have no idea what :? And when we asked around, apparently, no one in the IT mall knew what the hell was wrong with my precious DVD

After that, he spotted this 1TB harddrive that came with a free speaker that he wanted some time ago (the speaker, that is. The harddrive was something he wanted a couple of weeks ago after his iMac was running out of space). And since I just received some money thanks to the government, we splurged on it at one go. So now I’m a poor girl :?

Anyway, we were at the bookstore and I saw awesome cookbooks so for the past couple of days, I have been going through food and baking blogs and now I just feel like hitting the kitchen and making a mess in it. The problem is that I don’t have an oven. The microwave died like a few months back

And I gave up finding an admin job. Decided to go with the boring bar job. There has been some issues but I guess I’m just making waves wherever I go. I can never get along with the management. Seriously


  1. I’m sorry la. you know I’ll splurge on you when my pay comes what right. And I’ll support where ever you decide to work and I’ll always be there for you baby.

  2. What happened to the dvd? Was that the one I helped you get?

    Guan: Are you the new 7ners boyfriend?

  3. Sounds like fun cooking! I never could. I just don’t really have the patience to figure out recipes from the cookbooks.

  4. I haven’t seen an 1TB hard drive at any stores here. I suppose, they only sell it to businesses, and not to home users. I would love to have that.

  5. I love cooking! I’ve seen a few cookbooks in Borders, and lately I’ve been getting an itch to buy one. I’m especially interested in Mediterranean cooking! Let’s see what happens…

  6. I love reading cooking blogs, the pictures and recipes just amaze me. If I were half as talented as the cooking bloggers I follow, I’d be so happy!

  7. Well aren’t you just the little rebel! Defying authority (management) at work, splurging on new items (with your government money); Nadine’s going to take over the worldddd!

    Lol just kidding. Do whatever make you happy & comfortable. I know jobs and finances right now are really in the gutter, and that makes us miserable enough without having to deal with a crap jo =(

  8. I finally got some of my money in and I spent it on some new shoes and I bought 2 games for my DS since I haven’t bought myself anything nice in forever. I have like $70 left.

  9. Now I’ve got an impression that you’re very particular with food! First an insight of a resto and then cookbooks at a bookstore!

  10. I have been looking a lot at food blogs and cookbooks lately too, but whenever I get to it I still feel uninspired and end up eating cereal…

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