Fixing things

So I have decided that I really need to fix up this site. Well, not really on the layout since my inspirations have gone off in a puff of cloud and I have no love for making a layout at the moment.

Anyway, I have been staying home lately and catching up with the final season (or so I’ve heard) of Prison Break. Currently, no episodes are being aired for the time being. New episodes are coming back in April. Exciting!

I found it quite hard to believe that Guan didn’t pick up this show (and the only other shows I know he watches are HIMYM (thanks to yours truly), House and American Dad). He doesn’t even watch Heroes! (Oh! The horror!)

So I fed him with the first season (of Prison Break) and he was hooked. So once he’s done till the last episode (which is episode 16 of the 4th season), I’ll start him with Heroes He claims it’s too confusing so it looks like I’ve a lot of explaining to do :?


  1. I didn’t see the site before the fix up but it looks really nice. I haven’t followed prison break because i was confused after they broke out of jail. lol but love the site, keep up the great work.

  2. I have only watched the first two seasons of prison break. I thought the show was amazing, but it made me paranoid to a point where it was threatening my sanity… So I decided to just not watch the following seasons..

  3. Heroes is getting so boring lately! I’ve been having so much trouble staying awake during the past few episodes XD

  4. i cant help it baby, prison break is really exciting. ok when we’re free i’ll start watching heroes with you ok. =D

  5. I used to watch Heroes, but stopped at the start of Season 3. And I used to not want to watch Prison Break when it first came out. But then I tried watching the whole of season one, and I have been hooked ever since!

    HIMYM is one of my favourite shows right now. Barney is LOVE. Heh.

  6. Never got around to watching Prison Break or Heroes… they don’t seem like my cup of tea.

    Have fun with revamping your site! I hope your muse finds you and you can make a new layout.

  7. Lol, I know what you mean about layouts. I’m out of inspiration too. I don’t know why or how that happened.

    I’ve watched very little of Heroes, and I haven’t seen Prison Break yet. My dad has all the seasons but I just don’t get to watch it. Yeah, I’m a lazy bum =))

  8. I swear I’m like the only person who’s never watched an episode of Prison break! lol. I love this layout by the way, don’t change it!!

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