So I had this nice long post (with photos, too) but I just didn’t seem to be able to upload the photos into the computer. So, I guess that post will have to be put on hold for awhile :?

Anyway, new episode from Prison Break begins! How exciting!


  1. Photosssss!

    P/S: Nad, which Twitter ID is your main account? I am following both at the moment and I am seeing updates from both, so I am unsure which is which.

  2. Prison Break is still on? I have to admit I got bored with it… How much trouble can a group of people get into really? Just got too unreal… and that’s saying a lot considering I LOVE Lost.

  3. *sad face at no photos* aww maybe next time. In the meantime enjoy your show! Ahh the main characters on that show are super delicious

  4. aww hope you get the photos up soon.
    i’ve yet to watch prison break…I have no idea when it comes on or anything-*stuck on cartoon network*

  5. Aw that sucks that you weren’t able to upload your photos and post your long blog *shakes head* stupid computers!

    Wow I didn’t even know Prison Break still came on I’m so behind!

  6. Awww no photos Unfortunately I haven’t caught up with the whole Prison Break story line. At first it seemed an interesting story, but now they’re out of prison and doing all sorts of … stuff. A friend of mine is still watching it though. Maybe if I watched the series from the start I would have continued watching it…

  7. omg. i hate when photos can’t upload it pisses me off and it takes hours for me to post ’em. but anyways, i haven’t seen prison break but the main actor is a hottie anyways, take care.


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