And so…

… today’s the big day!

Let me just say that no, I’m not excited and, no, I’m not nervous. I’m just very, very sleepy!

Last week the 7ners threw a hen night for me. It wasn’t anything riotous but we had fun dinnering at a pasta/pizza place and then a girls’ night at a hotel. They presented me with… cupcakes with a pair of boobs on them :? Along with two lingerie sets from Pierre Cardin. Well, thank you very much! As girly as it was

It was Lynn’s wedding last Sunday and I must say: Congrats Lynn! I’m happy for you

Anyway, I didn’t do much on the eve besides collecting the gowns and flowers. In fact, I had to settle quite a number of last minute stuff. I also did my nails :? Something that I really don’t enjoy. My french manicure is destroyed but it’s not that obvious from afar. NO MORE MANICURES FOR ME!

I should really turn in. The beautician would be here in less than three hours!


  1. I’m guessing you’re getting married?
    Well, whatever it is I hope you and a great day and had lots of fun.

  2. Tell me more! What have I missed. ~_~

    I love french manicures but I understand how hard it is sometimes. haha.

  3. You’re getting (You’ve gotten) MARRIED?!

    Yikes, here’s a hearty congratulations then! I had absolutely no clue!

  4. Congratulations!

    Your hen night sounded like fun!

    I actually hate manicures too. They’re always such a fuss to have to look after.

  5. hello. Hey a girls night out sounds like a lot of fun! yeyeeee. hehe. I haven’t had that in a long time. lmao. What’s the big day? *smh. if I read the posts i would know right? lol.

  6. YAYY! SO GLAD TO SEE YOU! i shall aim to be as fair as you!!!
    tons and tons of love!(:
    and yes! short hair is good stuff!

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