It’s been a long time

So I wanted to upgrade to WordPress 2.8.1 (gosh! So fast?!) but I forgot the password to backup my files before doing any upgrade. (Also, apparently, instead of deleting all the old files and uploading the new ones before running the upgrade page, I can simply click on a button on the dashboard and viola!ómy blog would be magically upgraded to the latest version.)

Anyway, I’d like to say that Tumblr is extremely addictive especially if you’re into pretty things (paper, craft, illustration), photography, quotes and sad secrets. I spend more time re-blogging instead of posting at Twitter

I’m hoping that Despair would be back soon. I have been helping Naco with the checking of members and I must say that it is not an easy feat :?

On a side note, it’s my cousin Jolene’s wedding today. Hope the dinner would be as good as the last one


  1. As of now, WordPress 2.8.2 is out and I can’t be arsed to upgrade. Just too lazy. Oops.

    They release updates amazingly quickly though, I agree that it gets pretty hard to catch up at times.

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