There’s a new TV…

… which means I need to re-learn how to turn this thing on.

Along with the whole which-channel’s-the-normal/cable/video-buttons.

Anyway, I just received a text from my cousin regarding my niece Cheyenne’s first month celebration which will be held mid next month. If anyone has been around long enough, you would probably remember Dylan‘s first month celebration. He sported a mohawk hairstyle and we realized that he was a Nike-kid from then onwards because subsequently, every time we see him, he is wearing Nike shoes


  1. That is always a pain, plus the 100 new remotes you have to learn to handle. Annoying!

    Haha, that is cute!

  2. It’s okay, babe. You’re not alone.

    It’s been two years since I’ve moved (along with my family replacing the television set) and I still CANNOT operate it to save my life.

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