It’s official!

Guan and I finally registered his birth!

As most of you know, the delay was due to the fact that we had trouble coming up with a name since we eliminated a lot of names suggested. And when we finally came out with one, we were shot down by my mom :mrgreen: But I went on to find a meaning behind the name and it was good so hey-ho! His names are awesome!

There are 9834750938756 uber cute shots of him but here are a couple for the online folks to enjoy

Everyone, meet Zayden Asher

He does know when his picture is being taken because he seems to look right into the camera lens :?

He fell asleep on my chest with this expression

He’s quite a sociable baby but he does really wear me out at times. I can’t imagine when he can start running around like Dylan, my hyperactive first cousin, once removed :neutral:

Anyway, he brings in joy to the family (on both sides) and a whole lot of noise to the estate


  1. What a beautiful child! And what an amazing name! I’m so glad that you have chosen a name, considering the ones that were thrown around via Twitter.

    Nice to meet you too, Zayden Asher. Will you be calling him Zayden or Asher? Have you come up with any pet names (i.e Zay, Ash) yet?

    Zayden Although the in-laws keep calling him by his Chinese name (in which we promptly refused to put on the birth certificate since we didn’t want to give a Chinese name in the first place. We just put the Chinese characters instead.) His initials are ZAE though. That could be his nickname

  2. so cute! OHMYGOD! e second picture is so kawaii!

    and what a pretty name! e name sounds like a handsome boy’s name already!haha!

  3. I somehow think he has Guan’s eyes and your nose and mouth. The second photo looks very much like Guan’s expression (the photos of the “sleeping beauty” on FB). Haha… So, does PK think Zayden has a bao face?

    Somehow, he doesn’t really look like what he is in the photos taken :?

  4. What the heck? WOW. I’m surprised. Hehe. From your last entry about you and Guan being together for 1 year, comes this entry with the birth of your son… Hehe… Congratulations!

  5. So beautiful! Zayden Asher is an awesome, magical name. Hello there precious one! So handsome!!

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