Doctor’s Checkup

It’s like a thunderstorm out there now. I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s raining because the weather is so HOT!

Anyway, it’s Halloween! And it isn’t a really big thing here for kids since it’ll be the young adults that would be heading to the clubs for the different spooky dance nights :?

I remember back when I was working at Loof, Halloween night meant being slammed for that short period of time when party-goers from the Halloween Bus arrived for their free drinks and whatnot.

Anyway, it was Zayden Asher’s and my doctors appointments yesterday and from the time he was born till now, he has gained 1.76 k.g. and grew 6 c.m.! No wonder my arms were aching when I was carrying him throughout the journey to the hospital (including the time spent standing and waiting for a cab).

My doctor checked me up and said I was fine. Then Zayden’s doctor checked him up and said he was growing well. So folks, mother and baby are fine

I should get ready soon since I’ll be meeting my teammates for dinner later.

Ok! So here’s a random Zayden moment:

Zayden Asher

It’s amazing how he’s sleeping through the thunder at this moment :?

Oh! And I finally changed the camera picture! (see sidebar)


  1. Guan: I think that’s the “bao” face PK was referring to. =)

    Yikes. So the parcel didn’t arrive on time. Should be arriving soon though. Dressing/Dressed up for Halloween?

  2. Hi there just checked out your blog from Shimelle class. Your baby is a real cutie pie. I loved Singapore the 3 times I have been (stop over for a few days on our journey from UK – NZ).
    Right – have fun see you on the boards.

  3. One of the most awesome things about babies is that they seem to change and grow every single day. I mean, we all do in theory, but the changes in babies are so jarring. Perhaps it’s because they’re still so young.

    The new photo you have of Zayden and your husband is adorable. He’s so loved by his parents. =)

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