Annoying Kid

So… I’m rather behind at doing this but here I am!

I signed up for Shimelle‘s online class—Blogging for Scrapbookers and it started on Monday. But, being the usual procrastinator that I have always been, I kinda sorta lagged behind since caring for Zayden Asher takes up practically ALL my time. Well, not to mention checking out Tumblr and helping Guan with his FarmVille on Facebook and looking at deals at 2peas

Anyway, I spent the last weekend meeting new crafty people on the class forum and admiring everyone else crafty and pretty works while I did my usual gawking at pretty papers and layouts

I read up the class notes and have got Google Reader ready And I shall attempt today’s—well, yesterday’s, actually—prompt.

I was on my way to MWL to buy the new MME journaling cards and the fastest way was by the train. And, somehow, I always seem to have very annoying kids taking the same carriage as me.

He was about six and he sounded Filipino and I shall assume that he was sitting (on the reserved seat for those who need) with his mother. I stood in front of him, trying to ignore him while half-gaming, half-tweeting on my iPhone, and he kept whining and fidgeting in his seat. Okay, granted that he’s a kid so given that his butt probably had needles on them, but, did he need to whine (almost) endlessly?

He kept going on and on and moving about in his seat and when he wanted to lie on his mother, he got really comfy by putting his legs up against the glass on the side of the seat. If his legs were any longer, those ugly Crocs would be right in my face :evil:

Needless to say, I was pretty thankful when I finally alighted at my stop—only to discover that he and his family alighted along as well :mrgreen:

That is why I hope Zayden won’t grow up to be those annoying, irritating, badly-behaved children I see running around, making a ruckus in public :? I shall do my best! *yosh*

Oh, well. Anyway, I got my journaling cards! But I couldn’t find one of them so my set isn’t complete

Zayden Asher
A Zayden Moment


  1. LOL! I used to teach and so met many awkward children and was forced to spend HOURS per day with them! My children were OK when they were young, went a little bit unconventional in their teens (not that there’s anything wrong with being unconventional!) and now they’re 19 and 22. They still have some annoying habits- but they didn’t learn them from us did they!? PS Zayden is adorable! Irene from Shimelle’s class.

  2. Some children seems more annoying than other…I’m lucky so far with my two, they usually behave very well (at least in public..)
    Zayden is so cute!

  3. awwwww what an adorable baby my son wasn’t even that cute (i know that’s horrible to say but still…)

  4. hi nadine!
    thanks for your sweet words on my blog
    i am a classmate of yours and i’ve been such a slacker!
    i hope to get caught up before shimelle’s christmas class. this will be my third year!

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