Little Drummer Boy

Over the weekend, we went over to the house of Guan’s relatives as everyone who has yet to meet Zayden Asher wanted to meet the cute little boy

Aside from the red packets, Zayden was given a whole bunch of baby clothes from Carter’s by relatives who had just returned from the states. I shall post photos of the clothes once I find out where the mother-in-law has stashed them.

What I like about visiting this particular relative’s house is that there’s a whole drum set to play with

I was already convinced that Zayden was a drummer since he kept me up in the wee hours of the morning when he was gestating inside my womb

My little drummer boy Love!



  1. Oh he is so so cute do hope we see a scrapbook page with these two photos on very soon

  2. he’s awesome. looks so natural and comfortable holding the drum stick. our son rocks and I love you too.

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