LENAS at Bugis Junction

Firstly, Happy 24th Birthday CJ! Now, aren’t you a proud business woman in the food industry before you hit 24?

I’m going to blog about Saturday’s dinner. Guan and I headed to Bugis Junction with Zayden Asher to try out this new eatery called LENAS.

I found out about the soft launch of LENAS from an e-newsletter that MOF had sent me. Since they had a 1-for-1 pizza/pasta deal, why not give it a try?

The place was wooden—almost literally. The moment I stepped into the restaurant, what struck me was the smell of wood. The table was made of wood, the chairs were made of wood, even a push-trolley at the side was made of wood. And it wasn’t those furniture that has a smooth finish. It’s like, fresh-out-of-the-workshop-kind. I didn’t manage to take any photos of the restaurant but you can have a look here.

(Don’t mind the poor photos. It’s quite hard to get good light without using flash.)

Iced Mint and Lime Tea
Guan ordered their signature drink—Iced Mint and Lime Tea.

It’s not too bad. And since I was a member at MOF, we had Crisp Parmesan Fries.

Crisp Parmesan Fries

Guan ordered a Pepperoni pizza while I had a Hawaiian. And… guess what? They served them on wooden boards!

Pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza

Hawaiian pizza
Hawaiian pizza

The pizzas were pretty good. My pizza crust was a bit too burnt but it was still edible. Zayden made it rather hard for Guan to enjoy his meal though. He kept fussing and wanted to be carried and walked around. I had to cut his (Guan’s not Zayden’s) pizza into bite-size pieces and feed him while he had his hands full with Zayden.


Not one of my best shots but oh well

Zayden was still fussing after dinner. So instead of putting him in the stroller, I had to carry him back to the car.

Zayden and me

Anyway, yesterday, we dinnered at Astons Specialties and we let Zayden have a go with the fork.


And… I’m not going back to Astons anymore because, nearby, Everything with Fries is much nicer


  1. Holy wood! (I just realised it almost looks like “Hollywood”.) Still, the interiors are interesting.. almost like a rougher version of Muji or something. Or maybe it’s just me.

    Love how the pizzas look! =) The next time I’ll head back there, I’ll remember the name LENAS. =D

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