I haven’t done this in quite a while…

This was from The Simple Woman’s Daybook in which I found via here.

Outside my Window: It’s past midnight where the sky is dark and the air is cool after an afternoon of rain.

I am Thinking: I should clear some space on the bed so I can actually sleep in it later…

I am Thankful For:
Guan who will be home most of the time till the beginning of December

From the Kitchen: A loaf of Gardenia wholemeal bread

I am Learning: More about Zayden Asher each day

I am Wearing: Canoe Polo Opens Championship 2008 tee and shorts.

I am Creating: A couple of birthday cards.

I am Going: To brush my teeth before hitting the sack. Or maybe eat some wholemeal bread before that

I am Reading: Fullmetal Alchemist volumes 20 and 21. (The series is finally ending *sad*)

I am Hoping: That I can actually accomplish something later today.

I am Hearing: The MIL doing the laundry.

Around the House: Two words—very messy :?

One of my Favourite Things: My (growing) collection of journaling cards

A Few Plans for Next Week: Spending more time with Guan and Zayden and making a few layouts.

A Picture to Share:

Zayden is communicating and responding even more compared to two weeks ago when he started cooing back when we talked to him. And, yesterday, he fell asleep on his own when we put him down for a nap. Yes, there were some attention crying every now and then. But after a while, he was finally quiet and still and fast asleep! Guan and I felt so proud of him

… till he woke up crying around half an hour later. Nah, we’re still proud of him


  1. Aww, gorgeous pic

    Really interesting Q&A, I keep meaning to do this – is it something you do regularly so you can compare?

  2. I really love you responses to the Q&A. They’re really thoughtful

    I was also wondering, since you’re starting a few layouts (if no one has asked) would you be open to making a tutorial possibly on how to create simple wordpress layouts? I am absolutely in love with the structural design of your website, but just have a hard time figuring out how to get everything into a single flexible table with two columns and whatnot. If you would be open to to giving some advice or even creating a guide, that would be so appreciated!

  3. What a very sweet photo Just want to give him a little cuddle. Awwww no, hun, you’re making me all broody And don’t you just love the night air after the rain? It always makes me sentimental.

  4. Hi Nadine, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Are you doing Shimelle’s class? I’m really hoping I can stay up to date with this class and am trying to decide on a format for my layouts. I think if I keep them all pretty much the same layout it’ll make it a lot easier for me. Hope to see your layouts on your blog.

  5. I still cannot believe how different he looks with every capture. Not to mention, he looks like he is getting taller and taller. I hope that you had a great weekend, Nadine! =)

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