Being 17 Again

So… I’m part of the 17 Again blog train started by Kate where I’m supposed to answer the following as though I’m 17 again.

And I didn’t realize until I started answering the questions did I find out that I don’t have a photo of myself when I was 17 :? The earliest digital photograph I could dig out from my hard drive was when I was 18 so I guess that photo will have to do (I look the same then, anyway.)

And so, here’s taking you back to 2002:

My hair colour is… brown.
My hair style is… long hair tied in a pony tail with a bit of long fringe.
My favourite brand of makeup is… I don’t wear makeup.
My “fashionable” item is… not really into fashion.
My favourite outfit is… baggy tees and three-quarter pants with skateboarding shoes.
My favourite colour is… blue!
I drive a… I don’t have a license. Then again, I need to be at least 18 to attempt to get one.
On a Saturday I go… and meet my church friends.
On a Saturday night I go… to church, then to play pool/snooker.
On a Sunday I go… nowhere unless I’ve got plans.
Monday-Friday I go… to school.
My best friend(s) is/are… Darren.
My favourite place to go out is… town, I guess.
My favourite subject at school is… I don’t have a favourite subject at school.
When I grow up I want to be… I’m not quite sure just yet.
My favourite drink is… uh… Pepsi?
My favourite food is… ice cream, as always
My favourite shop is… I don’t really shop much.
I want to marry… when I turn 19.
My favourite actor/actress is… I somehow like Claire Danes a lot but wouldn’t say she’s a favourite.
My favourite band is… uh, not a bad but I like Avril Lavigne
My favourite TV programme is… Roswell hands down!!!
The one thing I want to do but can’t is… ride a motorcycle.
My most used mode of transport is a… train.
If I had all the money in the world I would… buy a Nokia 7250, a digital camera, a laptop, hop on a plane to USA and take a road trip, making sure to buy a board and surf!
I wish I could visit… Hawaii.
My favourite sport is… basketball.
This fall I… fall doesn’t appear here.
At Halloween I dressed up as… Halloween isn’t celebrated here as well.
I recently saw… Lilo & Stitch and thought it was… awesome!
I am reading… Roswell series.
The big newspaper story this year is… uh, I don’t really read the papers :?
The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done… I don’t think I’ve done anything dangerous.
The furthest away from home I’ve ever been is… Malaysia, and that was four years ago, and I went with my family.
And I look like this…

Elisia and I
Elisia and I at her 18th birthday

After reading the above, you must probably think what a boring person I am! But this is only because I really can’t remember much when I was 17. I could go through my journal and read the entries again but it’s somewhere in some hidden corner of the room Hope you got to know me a bit better with my past questionnaire

And now, taking you even further back into time to 1984, check out Laura‘s meme when she was 17


  1. Cute photo! Fascinating to read all the different answers. Someone suggested answering the same questions from a 2009 perspective..I’m starting to think about it. Thanks for sharing your answers today

  2. Great post. I had difficulty too, but I had to go back a looooooooooong way.
    Woops, there goes the whistle, back on the train.

  3. No, never boring, it’s always interesting to read about different people’s lives. I had a lot of trouble remembering exactly what I was up to, it took a bit of working out.

  4. Great list of answers Naddie, I also wanted to learn to ride a motobike. Still can’t do it though

    Also seems like lots of us want to visit America too.

    Sara x

  5. I had a hard time remembering, too, but once I started thinking really hard, I think I posted way *WAY* too much info! Cute post. You seem like you’d be everyone’s best friend, which is a wonderful thing!

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