Twenty Ten!

Well, New Year’s eve and day itself was quite uneventful. We collected Guan’s Nikon D70 (I sent it for lens cleaning as a gift for him) and had some fun taking photoshoots

Zayden and I

A rather blurred shot but he looks sooo cute


Guan and I went up to the top floor of the block to catch the fireworks. But even though he brought his tripod along, the photographs turned our rather disappointing :?

The view
The lovely view

So we decided to do some silly shots

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

I admit, I don’t look my best here :? (I mean, messy hair and home clothes, need I say more?) but we had fun taking them

One of Guan’s best pose

Now that we have a DSLR to play with, it’s time to take shots of my acrylic calendar! (Well, will do so another day, perhaps.)

Zayden is the first (and only) baby I know who sucks his index finger instead of his thumb.


  1. What wonderful photoshoot to bring in the new year! As usual, Zayden looks adorable (and the index finger sucking habit is truly a unique one). Here’s to many more wonderful events for this 2010.

  2. LOL, you guys look like you’re having so much fun, no need to worry about clothes and makeup – you’re adorable! I’ve been following your blog for awhile, not sure if I’ve commented before. Love following your family adventures. Take care and have a wonderful 2010!

  3. Happy New Year hun Those are some cute shots I quite like the shot from the top of the building too. I hope your 2010 has started out brill!

  4. Aww, those pictures are all so lovely. I think you still look beautiful regardless of what your hair or clothes look like, because you have that vibrant inner glow within your soul that radiates through. *hug*

  5. zayden

    and old old friend, u look wonderful. dun think otherwise. to a splendiferous new year!

  6. Oh, these are such great photos! So sorry to have neglected your blog for so long, I’ve just had a lovely catch up – best wishes for 2010 xx

  7. A family friend’s daughter used to suck her index finger when young. Try to discourage him from having a habit of sucking his finger. I used to suck my thumb when I was young and I had this ugly bump on my thumb…think it was like skin growing over that area or something.

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