I have always wanted to…

… drum properly.

Anyway, a big “hello!” to you if you’ve popped over from Jo‘s blog. I’m sure the craftiness she has shared with you with her passion that is music-related has been truly awesome

I have never been really musically-inclined even though I could play the keyboard/piano, drums and guitar (mediocre, of course). But I have always wished I could drum a little better, I mean, I shall admit I have two left feet at times, thus, messing up the bass drum with my snare. That is why I really admire Joel (an ex-classmate who gave me a couple of drumming lessons) who could learn double paddling within a day (or was it two hours?)

drumming layout
(Click here to enlarge and for more info.)

Guan can drum better than me So it shall be my dream that Zayden Asher will be a drummer in future Me? Well, I shall wait a little longer until I have the time (and, perhaps, the funds?) to learn drumming again

I hope you enjoyed what I have to share Now go on and head over to Deana‘s blog to read what she has to share

On a side note, if you’re lost, feel free to head to Helen‘s blog to start the blog train as she’s the kind hostess who organized this


  1. mmmh drumming, unusual but also rather cool. ur baby looks like he maybe the next generation of drummers. regarding ur drumming i think just go for it, after all everyone is different and u probably play a darn site better than me!
    jo xxx

  2. Oh, I remember these cute pics Love the layout! My The Girl would love to drum, but I’m not sure my ears could stand it – we’re starting her on the flute instead…

  3. Such a cute baby, aww, he looks like he’s going to be a pro! Thanks for joining us on the blog train

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