Oh dear

I am terrible at keeping my resolutions, eh? :?

Anyway, just a quick post to say I’m alive and kicking! Just got caught up with life and all that so it’s rather hard to sit down and do a proper blog entry. I’ve got some creative stuff to upload to the crafty blog and I’ve barely done so

I need a new anti-spam plugin for WordPress since Spam Karma is now not really updated Any recommendations?

Anyway, a random photo of Zayden Asher. (Bet you’ve missed him *wink*)



  1. The craft blog looks so awesome, I hope you can find more time to keep it going, but either way it looks really great!

    Awww, man that picture is so adorable I love it!

    The best plugin to prevent spam that I have used is http://akismet.com/ WordPress usually already has that on it, you just have to get an activation key (by singing up to WordPress) and activate it.

  2. Lovely to see you back, and how cute is that pic?! Thanks for keeping up with my blog, I always enjoy hearing from you. Hope all is well xx

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