Pretty Productive

I feel like I managed to accomplish certain things today. Perhaps it’s because Zayden Asher is recovering and he’s not as cranky as before I managed to do a layout for Scrap that Baby! and two journal pages (have yet to upload those though). I also managed to upload some stuff into my Flickr

(If I didn’t mention, I’m taking an art journal class at the moment and it’s awesome! :D)

Zayden Asher
Zayden laughed when I opened this photo to edit.

My sister returned this whole stack of DVDs I’d lent her the other day and as they were sitting around the floor (totally not back on the shelf yet), I decided to watch them. Yesteday, it was Toy Story. But he got bored after the opening scene (I actually quoted every line out loud!) Guess what today’s Pixar movie was?

Zayden Asher
My poor cover…

Check out more photos here

Just a note: I love getting (relevant) comments everywhere


  1. So pleased the little man is feeling better

    I love your art journal pages, that owl is so cute! Art journaling is something I’d love to have a go at myself. I think I’m a bit intimidated by the gorgeous examples I see that other people have done – I just need to dive in and try it! Maybe a class would help me along too…?

    I just love that ZA has his own blog!! xx

  2. Uh…give him something else to gnaw on? Does he have a teething ring? The soft gel kind where you can put it in the fridge to make it cold.

  3. Hello… found your blog while browsing around… Love the scrap layouts you’ve done! Hope your little baby’s recovered.

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