It’s my birthday!

I don’t really like my birthday :? But since everyone’s making a fuss, I shall not be a wet blanket

So all you readers and lurkers, wish me now!

leftover cake


  1. Happy Birthday Nadine! This is Glenna from Glenna’s Garden I am also in SWAP -BOT and I got you as a partner. What better day than your birthday. I have checked out your blog and I love it! Especially love the color purple. If you want o check out my blog it is at Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi this is Xochitl from swapbot as well, I am too a great fan of anything PURPLE! I enjoyed reading about baby Zayden – as a mother of a 2.5 year old I can totally relate to your day to day strugles I mean joys of babyhood. And not to scare you but they get worse – they dont call them terrible 2s for nothing! LOL

    I am glad I got to meet you via swapbot, and even better on your BDAY!! HAPPY BDAY!! hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Hiya lisajhoney here from swapbot, I enjoyed reading your blog Zayden is very cute, enjoy him while he’s that age, they grow up so quick, my two are 15 and 13, doesn’t seem long ago when they were little. The baby feet were precious

  4. Well happy birthday!!! I would feel super cheesy saying i hope it’s everything you dreamed it would be, so I won’t say it. Nice to meet you.

  5. I AM TOTAL FAIL. I realise glitter text doesn’t work, and symbols doesn’t work. LOL. i wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥. Sorry for spamming the comments!

  6. Hi, I’m your swap-bot buddy on “check out my blog” you have a beautiful site…sweet pics.

  7. Apologies for such a late greeting, but I do hope that you enjoyed the day, in spite of not liking it. Being around family, now that’s gotta count for something, right? Again, many happy returns and hope you got many Zayden cuddles!

  8. Happy Birthday Nad! its very belated! i’m so sorry! i’ve voted for zayden! such a cutie he is! hope he wins it! Jasmine Ho from yr 1 canoe haha. i know there are simply too many jasmines ard. haha! be happy k!

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