Please vote!

So… if you know me, I don’t usually do this. So here it goes:

Please help to vote for Zayden Asher by clicking “like” on this URL! (Do login to your Facebook account first.)

Zayden Asher
His photo entry. Isn’t he such a happy kid?

I have a lot of friends bugging me to enter Zayden in a baby contest and I’m just not that kind of parent. This seem like a pretty easy contest and I’ve entered him. So it would be greatly appreciated if everyone who sees this can vote and spread the word! (Well, just vote. I don’t think any would spread the word though! *lol*) If he doesn’t win I’m not going to enter him anymore :? (Yeah, once bitten, twice shy.)

Also, thank you everyone for your birthday greetings!

Now, go vote/”like” and spread the word!

ETA: Elisia has kindly created an event to make it easier to spread the word (and, get the correct link!) so it would be awesome if you could help too (by inviting and rallying everyone to vote)

(Please inform me if either links are not working for you.)


  1. I would support you hun, I hope you know that – but I’m afraid I don’t have a Facebook account. Good luck though xx

  2. You need his picture here lahz. Then people can take one look at it and go “OMFG, I NEED THIS BOY TO WIN!”

  3. .. and yet this is a portrait! =D Haha! Kidding aside, Zayden looks adorable here, and I definitely did my part and put a vote in!

  4. I think my friend saw my event posting and copied the idea. I just got an invitation to vote for his kid.

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