Contest Cancelled

ETA: Wow. Apparently there was an ugly drama going on. I don’t want to comment much since this is the internet, after all…

So the voting contest on Facebook got cancelled Here’s what the organizers posted:


Due to continuous reported complaints of spamming and flaming of participants in this event to us and Facebook, we regret to announce that this event will be cancelled with immediate effect. We understand many of you have taken the time to commit to this event and we deeply appreciate your efforts. We wish to let you know that cancelling this event was a difficult decision to make and the final resort we had to take.

We thank all for supporting this event and we hope most of you have made new friends and had a fun time looking at everyone’s photos. This page will still remain as a platform for all to share their baby photos with each other and to befriend more friends.

Thank you once again for supporting us and do continue to tune in to “Precious Babes” currently airing Monday – Friday at 9pm on Channel 8.

Take care

I know I should probably be angry with them (like how a lot of parents are at the moment, as they express it freely on the event page, and the organizers keep deleting those complaints. Actually, it’s quite hilarious.) But I don’t know why I find the whole thing rather funny

I personally feel that the whole thing wasn’t really well organized nor thought through. I mean, they didn’t even state what the prizes were! (And it didn’t occur to me until my friends asked what Zayden Asher would win.) There wasn’t a set of proper guidelines nor rules, thus, the spamming and flaming flooded the comments. (I wouldn’t really say flame but the spamming was just advertising, right? After all, they didn’t state that it wasn’t allowed.)

Anyway, I personally feel like I jinxed it by entering Zayden. It always happens to me :?

Ah well, it’s a nice tickle to a long day


  1. You have made a pretty smart move by refraining from making permanent comments online, though I had a chuckle when I read that the organisers were deleting complaints. They could have done worse, though: edited them and twisted them completely out of context. Then I’d be guffawing.

    You’re also making a smart move by not getting so attached to the event.

    Competition or not, Zayden’s still adorable. That hasn’t changed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! =)

  2. Wow. So drama. Well, I guess there will always be sore losers around. Hahaha…reminds me of this quote from a lolita who submitted her design to Threadless and then got some really negative comments from people who said what she was doing wasn’t fair (she asked the lolita community to vote for her)…anyway the quote is “haters gonna hate.”

  3. You have such a great attitude about this And Zayden is a winner whether or not he comes top in some contest! xx

  4. The organizers really didn’t handle it well. What a waste but you’re adopting a great attitude taking all in stride. Who needs a competition to determine anybody’s bab is cute right?

  5. Zayden is the cutest and happiest baby in my eyes! I love the picture (in the previous post). So adorable!

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