This is why Zayden is so cute

Over the past couple of weeks, the poor kid has been bitten by mosquitoes. So much so that he has serveral weird bumps on his skin. One such bump was on his hand.

This morning, his Ah Ma asked him, “Did mosquito bite you last night?”

He pointed to the bump on his hand.

Yes, he knows what a mosquito bite is


  1. Aww….. What a cutie he is Sorry to hear about the mozzie bites though, insects love me too – I act as The Doctor’s insect repellant because they flock round me and leave him alone!

  2. Hi Nadine! Thanks for popping by my blog. I’ve posted the question that you asked me in my blog, so you can pop by anytime to read my latest post.

  3. Aww! Zayden is truly an intelligent boy. Sorry to hear about the mosquito bites, though, but your son definitely has a way of keeping cheerful in spite of them. =)

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