Sales People

They either annoy me or amuse the heck out of me.

Usually sales folks who try and sell me insurance annoy me. Only because I need insurance and… I don’t have any. And because I do not have any, I’m a pretty good target for insurance agents. This puts me in their potential category and this annoys me greatly.

Credit card sales people, on the other hand, amuses me. Really, really tickles me, I must say.

Usually, I don’t get approached by them on the streets because, hey!—apparently I still don’t look 18! However, when someone decides to be bold and attempt to test if I was of age, I would be approached and I my response would be automatic: “I’m not working.”

There was once where this sales guy actually told me to get Guan to sign up for a credit card and then I had to tell him that Guan doesn’t even earn $30,000 a year! (The minimum wage to sign up for a credit card.) It amuses me what sort of ideas and reasons they can come up with just to sell me their products as I’m not the “normal” (potential, or not) customer that fits in their criteria.

Anyway, I’m writing about this because I was at the supermarket earlier to buy my regular, same old brand of facial wash when this sales aunty (yes, I had to say aunty) commented, “This one not good. Makes your skin dry.”

I admit I was a little surprised because she came out of nowhere :neutral:

So I told her it was okay and wanted to escape from her when she said more things along the lines of “this one really makes your skin dry” and “see how dry your skin is” followed by “come I show you this”.

I obligingly followed her to the next aisle where she picked up a facial wash and passed it to me. The first thing that caught my eye were the HUGEASS letters “UV” followed by a smaller word “white” at the bottom of the letters. So I told her, “Thanks, aunty, but no thank you. I don’t like UV whitening facial wash.”

I caught the surprise in her eyes and she said, “But this is very effective! Makes your face whiter…”

“No thanks, aunty, I don’t like fair skin.”

A stunned look. But she quickly recovered and said, “But you should try anyway. Can get rid of your freckles…”

“Thanks, aunty, but no thank you. I love my freckles.”

Another stunned look. “But you have so many…”

“I know, but I love them.”

“Then why not you try this one,” she picked out another facial wash. “Can use together with your facial wash. Cleanse inside your skin so you won’t have pimples.”

Thanks a lot, aunty. I’ve been exercising regularly since last week and I could feel that my face was getting dirtier than usual. And, somehow, over the course of the night before, my face showed three fresh new pimples sprouting out of nowhere. So, thank you, aunty, for pointing that out to me.

I didn’t have the heart to give her another mind blowing explanation of how I’m actually too lazy to wash my face, let alone wash it with two facial cleansing products. So I politely thanked her and declined her promotions as I made my way to the checkout counter.


  1. How about financial planners?
    Pretty pushy I must say. Wouldn’t get off the phone until you say “yes I will be free for a meet up on so and so” And if you keep rejecting, they will continue to ask for meet ups! =(

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