11 years now

This domain has been around cyber space for more than a decade And, yes, it has been pretty neglected as well.

I guess it came to a point where I am not really sure what to blog about, since I have not been writing, blogging or journaling for some years now. And because of the long periods between, I do not feel as comfortable blogging like how I used to when I first started or when I continued on up to the last of my regular posts.

Holding on to this site is like holding on to my memory box. I have lost my old posts from my older websites before I got this domain. Being the sentimental person that I am, I cannot help but to just keep renewing this yearly.

I guess we shall see how it goes


  1. Hey Nadine! I’m kind of like you — sometimes I don’t know what to blog about. I’ve done this new thing this year where I force myself to post SOMETHING every Tuesday. It at least keeps me creating and writing

    I do miss hearing your thoughts about life! I still have to dig around and find my old blog posts from 2002-200…6? I worry I didn’t save a lot of my stuff, though I envy that you do have a lot of posts from the past decade! Congrats on 11 years with this domain!!!

    Give me a writing prompt — a personal question, a creative writing prompt, anything — and I’ll answer it as my blog post next Tuesday! Let me know if you want me to give you a prompt, too!

  2. Wah…this is really a once-in-a-blue-moon post. I guess we’ve all moved on from the what-I-did-today kind of blogging style. And yea, I don’t think I can ever delete my blog. Too many memories.

  3. That is really amazing that you have had this site for so long. I will always remember that you were one of the first ever people that I connected with over blogs. I remember the yellow layout, and that I was so excited to have someone to exchange links with.

    Things change and you just have to see where things go.

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