One of those train of thoughts

One of those weird quirks I have would be thinking about something that leads to another and on to another and another and when I try to explain why I was spacing out for a minute, it would take a long time to explain that train of thought.

So, anyway, I had forgotten to buy a loaf of bread earlier while getting dinner and went to the mart to grab one. While walking on the way back home (it was about 8.30 p.m.), I saw several old folks sitting on the benches downstairs, and I thought about how I miss sitting down at void decks, talking and chilling with Perr into the wee hours of the night, maybe drinking, maybe listening to house or trance. And I thought that the next chance would probably when I’m old like these folks, with not much parental responsibilities, but I wouldn’t be sitting till the wee hours and I wouldn’t be with Perr (unless she’s miraculously my neighbour. Ha!)

And while I was thinking about Perr, I thought about this video that I shared on her Facebook. It’s so hilarious that I was chuckling to myself every now and then, gathering weird stares from people who passed me.

Okay, after writing that down it didn’t seem long any more


  1. I love how random sights of people can trigger fond memories. Whenever there’s teens hanging out at a restaurant late at night, I miss high school and late nights at a diner with friends, smoking cigarettes What house and trance artists do you like most? I’ve been listening to a lot of Chvrches and Teen Daze lately!

  2. Welcome back Nadine jie!
    I sort of understand being lost in your own head. Being a mum is a lifetime commitment so kudos to you for being one. The kids grow up too fast so each moment is precious. When they are old enough to go out on their own, you may feel lonely (tehee) but more of "you time" then. I hope the family is well!

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