So I have their songs stuck in my head now thanks to the ads that was strategically placed every time I want to hear a Halsey song on Youtube.


BLACKPINK – Whistle (휘파람)

(Darn, I need to fix my site’s encoding. It irks me that foreign characters come out as a ? instead of Chinese/Japanese/Korean words. Fixed~ )

I’ve stopped being a K-fan when the K-wave hit shores. I mean, I was really into it before it exploded in everyone’s faces. Now almost everyone looks the same to me so I can never tell the difference between BIG BANG or BTS or Super Junior (but hey! I still am at least aware of them )

Which brings to the point of why I got these songs stuck in my head: LISA!

She actually looks unique enough for me to recognize and notice her. Also, I later found out that she’s Thai instead of Korean.

(I so want that hair. Jelly!)


  1. That’s annoying that the characters are showing up that way. I am sure there should be some way to fix it, I don’t really know…

    Her hair looks so good!

  2. Lisa has a cool look for sure. I sopped following Kpop in 2007-2009. I am soooo behind on who is who… Always a new group out! This group is catchy though!

  3. Just stopping by and I love how this post aged well 😂 Especially now since Blackpink is one of the hugest groups ever. I really loved the Blackpink documentary Light Up The Sky, by the way. It’s wild how we couldn’t have known back in 2016 just how huge some groups would be. Hope you’re doing well!

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