I guess it’s time to fix this thing which has been somewhat abandoned for years Plus, I seem to have lost a lot of data with the WordPress upgrades over the years.

Update: So, I’ve been running a super old version of PHP (5.6) which is not secure. Had like, a lot of issues trying to upgrade to a secure version (7.3 or higher) and only managed to get to 7.4. Whenever I try to upgrade to 8 my site won’t work. Guess it’s a pet project to embark… should I have time

On a site note, testing my smileys until I find the file/list:

:? :-? :???:

:| :-| :neutral:




>:) >:-)

(No special icon for “shock” yet. Using “eek” instead.)

(No special icon from “mad” yet. Using “angry” instead.)


(ok sign)

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