I guess it’s time to fix this thing which has been somewhat abandoned for years Plus, I seem to have lost a lot of data with the WordPress upgrades over the years.

Update: So, I’ve been running a super old version of PHP (5.6) which is not secure. Had like, a lot of issues trying to upgrade to a secure version (7.3 or higher) and only managed to get to 7.4. Whenever I try to upgrade to 8 my site won’t work. Guess it’s a pet project to embark… should I have time

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I’ve started One Piece perhaps half a year ago or so? It’s so good. I would post more but I just want to drop a quick note to say that EP546 hits so hard.

They have to cheer their sister up despite the fact that their mom is dying and all they want to do is be upset.

They have to cheer their sister up despite the fact that their mom is dying and all they want to do is be upset.

There have been turning points but that shall be saved for another day.

So I have their songs stuck in my head now thanks to the ads that was strategically placed every time I want to hear a Halsey song on Youtube.


BLACKPINK – Whistle (휘파람)

(Darn, I need to fix my site’s encoding. It irks me that foreign characters come out as a ? instead of Chinese/Japanese/Korean words. Fixed~ )

I’ve stopped being a K-fan when the K-wave hit shores. I mean, I was really into it before it exploded in everyone’s faces. Now almost everyone looks the same to me so I can never tell the difference between BIG BANG or BTS or Super Junior (but hey! I still am at least aware of them )

Which brings to the point of why I got these songs stuck in my head: LISA!

She actually looks unique enough for me to recognize and notice her. Also, I later found out that she’s Thai instead of Korean.

(I so want that hair. Jelly!)

So Kya will be doing a 30 Day Creative Challenge for the month of June and I thought that this is a really great idea. I am keen to try out but unsure if I have time to set aside so I’ll see how it goes. According to her post:

The 30 Day Creative Challenge is a creative challenge to create something artistic everyday for 30 days, based on the prompt for that day. You can use any medium (traditional art, writing, photography, digital art, craft or anything you like) and interpret the daily prompt in your own way. Results can be shared on your blog each day or at the end of the month.

Daily Prompts

  1. How you see yourself
  2. Love
  3. Character
  4. Hero
  5. Friendship
  6. Internet
  7. Past
  8. Music
  9. Villain
  10. Pets
  11. Social
  12. Passion
  13. Happiness
  14. Family
  15. Dream
  16. Book
  17. Space
  18. Depression
  19. Magic
  20. Life
  21. Fantasy
  22. Symmetrical
  23. Monster
  24. Abstract
  25. Death
  26. Perfection
  27. Movie
  28. Natural
  29. How you imagine yourself
  30. The future

Looking forward to experiencing June

I’ve been meaning to keep a record of building up our new home but I just didn’t seem to manage to set aside time and effort to actually track things down

Anyway, to briefly sum it up:

  • 26 Aug 2014 – collected keys
  • 22 Oct 2014 – engaged a contractor
  • after Christmas – paid deposit for kitchen sink and tap
  • end Jan 2015 – started renovation works
  • Subsequently, I did not really keep tabs or “milestones”

(Somewhere between start of 2015 till now: plans for a custom bed to be made, chose colour of wall paint and kitchen cabinet material, paid a deposit for window blinds to be made, installation of ONE window blind (because the other was damaged and had to be installed in a later date ), got (and installation of) air-conditioning units, lights and ceiling fans, a mattress, an oven, a stove hob, a (random) chair and side table, bathroom accessories and a washing machine.)

A pano shot from the dining area

A pano shot from the dining area

Even though I flipped through the IKEA catalog several times and both Guan and I made a couple of trips to IKEA Tampines to have a rough idea what we wanted, I still felt undecided on a lot of things so I made a couple of solo trips with Kaien while Zayden and Reuel were in school

Making him pose with things so I can have a gauge of the size :lol:

Making him pose with things so I can have a gauge of the size

I want this quilt cover! *ahemhousewarminggiftahem* *coughqueensizepleasecough* ;)

I want this quilt cover! *ahemhousewarminggiftahem* *coughqueensizepleasecough*

I love love love LOVE this colourful couch! But it’s way too pricey and it’s canvas-y material (Guan and I agreed we preferred, er, fake leather to cloth-kind of sofa/couch because the former is much easier to clean) and even though there are two sets in the AS-IS section at half price off, Guan won’t take them because “you may never know what people have spilled on it” (I quote).

Darn me and my love for all things pretty (and colourful)!

Since about the beginning of this month, our renovation works have more or less been completed. We were left with things to be drilled and attached to the walls and a bulk of them were from IKEA. I knew we would take a really long time and planned to spend at least a day shopping at IKEA. Finally, last Sunday afternoon, Guan was available and parents-in-law could help watch the kids and we made our way to the Tampines outlet with my shopping list in hand.

Goodness! Even though we had (somewhat of) a plan and had a list, we weren’t able to finalise several items because we needed to see what was available at the store (in past trips, we chose items that were sold out when we went back for the second time). One of them was the TV bench. I could not care less about that since I’m not even keen to have a TV at home. But Guan needs a TV and we saw something that both of us liked aaaaand… it was sold out We asked when would the restocks be available aaaaand… it would only arrive in September

I asked the staff if she could check the stocks at the Alexandra outlet and she informed me that both outlets don’t share stocks. So I made Guan call up the other outlet to find out that… they had stock! Two pieces left! I asked Guan, “What are the chances of those two pieces selling out before we get there?” He said we would never know and told me to hurry up shopping here so we could get over there.

We went on checking out items and penning the numbers down in my list so we could get them at the self-collection area. Several items were either not available or they no longer had the colours that I wanted After making a second call to the Alexandra outlet in regards to a limited edition chest of drawers (they had 59 pieces available!), we decided to get what was available at Tampines and to get the rest at Alexandra.

I had no idea the amount of boxes we would be piling up on that trolley of ours. I mean, I roughly knew the items that we were getting but seeing Guan pulling out more boxes and loading them onto the trolley just made it look like we were getting a LOT of wooden furnishings So much so that we needed a third trolley.

Achievement unlocked: two people pushing three three trolleys to queue at the checkout counter, and from there to the delivery counter.

Achievement unlocked: two people pushing three three trolleys to queue at the checkout counter, and from there to the delivery counter.

By then we had spent about five hours at IKEA and gobbled down some hot dogs and curry puffs *yums!*

We quickly made our way to Alexandra outlet and got the rest of the items on our list. Even though this is the smaller outlet, it carries the newest items and has more stock the the mega outlet! They still had the BRKIG plates! *squee!*

We finally made our way home at 10 p.m. and reached home to realise that… WE FORGOT TO BUY THE STOOLS! *facepalm*

Things left:

  • to fix up IKEA stuff before attaching to walls
  • to buy a wall fan, (random) towel rack, fridge, TV
  • to buy other smaller electrical appliances that I won’t need until I move in or I can hope someone will gift it instead :p

Reuel, Kaien, Zayden

Reuel, Kaien, Zayden

Reuel: I cannot keep saying “Happy New Year” else I will be tired.
Guan: Just shake people’s hands then.
Reuel: (shakes hands with others) I cannot keep saying “Happy New Year” else I will be tired.