happy boxing day everyone! though I’ve never celebrated this holiday before, it’s nice to wish it. lol.

how did everyone spend christmas? this christmas was just another holiday for me. I didn’t expect any gifts. not even from my parents since they have a habit of not giving gifts. but I got really sensible gifts from my mom. wait. sensible isn’t the word – practical is.

what did she get me? oh. she got me two pairs of ankle socks and a sports bra. really practical ain’t it? and guess what her friend, aunty serene gave me? yep. another pair of socks. come to think of it, my mom’s sister, aunty mary, gave me a pair of yellow billabong socks the year before. what’s up with socks and christmas I ask you?!

I used the comp till 2 am on christmas morn and woke at 8+ and found out that sam was still sleeping. woke him up with a call and left the house to meet him. we went to great world city to watch love actually.

now 7ners planned a day to watch that show last week I believe and I did not join them coz I wasn’t interested in that movie. and boy was I glad I didn’t go with them. coz the movie wasn’t that great anyway.

even sam said it was a little disappointing as he heard it was really good and was dying to catch that 10.40am show and dragged me along. oh well. at least I didn’t waste any money (so obviously he paid for it ;p)

we had lunch at crystal jade. really cina (‘chinese’ in malay) place. well, it is after all a chinese restaurant. then I went home and got a fight with my dad. oh whatever. we had to make up eventually coz it’s christmas.

went back to my old church for a christmas service. felt really weird being there. it’s been more than a year since I last went back to that place. due to certain unexplanable circumstances.

and that is how I spent my christmas day.

boxing day isn’t special. had to go work o_O and I’ve updated a whole chunk of stuff in this site so check the updates page. received late xmas gifts and fansigns so check that out too.

voting is still on at until forever awards so those who haven’t vote *ahem ahem* please go and vote now -hints-

yes! I’m back! and it’s good to be back ;D

it’s really gonna take me a long while to recount what happened since I last blogged but I’ll try to keep it short (I know how is it like reading one whole bunch of boring stuff of another person’s doings =x)

after work on friday, I met up with jun wei coz he was gonna accompany me home to do my packing and go all the way to harbourfront to wait with me for my ride to sentosa. he brought an umbrella (coz it was raining. duh) and I offered to to put it in my bag. well, he carried my bag anyway. lol.

so I went home, packed my stuff and left. reached harbourfront and missed the 2150 ride. so we went to macd’s and he ate while I surfed the net free at the provided terminals. I have a whole bunch of snaps of that place but it’s all in wil’s cam and he’s gonna burn them all in a cd for me in a few day’s time so 7ners, sorry. no pics from my 5 megapixel cam at the moment. have to make do with the other 3 cams for the moment -sheepish-

I got the 2245 ride (the last ride too) and happily hopped on only to realised that jun wei had forgotten to take his umbrella back from me. that was number one.

reached the lovely resort (forgot the darn name of it again) and went to the room to find everyone either engrossed in the seagames or in the toilet making waterbombs (I’ll explain later) pretty soon, we had the present opening time for pk. I have a rather short (but big) video clip of it. the present was wrapped in – not one – but 18 layers of newspapers. but that’s not all -rofl- on each layer, there’s a task that she must complete in order to open the next layer. and it goes on..

pity jo threw away the list of forfeits she had to do. some were pretty funny. not to mention hilarious.

we slacked pretty much after that. ate cup noodles, talked alot, taught jo & pwen how to play bridge (goodness! jo was running on 56k!) played murderer and we could identify how each murderer ‘killed’.

pk was ‘drop like flies’, mine was ‘machine gun’ -chuckles-, pwen was ‘fast killer’, can’t remember the rest. but it was fun. and we talked alot. and we all learned and loved one new word – mafugly. I really hate vulgarities but this is really an exception. mutha effing ugly. esp cj. lmao. and we just can’t agree on how to spell it though. I’ve read through their blogs and some says it’s mafaugly or mefugly or whatever. wil says it should be muafugly o_O

pwen, per & I were the last ones standing. we didn’t sleep and went down to the lobby at 7.30 am hoping to play pool. tough luck. operation hours were from 9 am onwards so we took a morning stroll round the place. saw peacoks and did a really lame thing – we walked like the peacocks in the middle of the road in sentosa. really playing the fool but heck. it was fun

per and I settled ourselves sleeping on the groundmat outside at the balcony as there wasn’t any space on the bed nor the mattress (I mean, imagine 8 girls in one cosy room) and we slept from 9 till 12.30.

wanted to go ktv but it doesn’t operate till 6 pm o_O so we decided to head for the beach. cj had to leave us *sob* and the weather was giving attitude man. it was drizzling. they had fun while boss and I looked after our belongings. and jun wei came along with more cup noodles. lol.

I reluctantly left boss to go take a walk with him. walked across palawan beach to the dolphin exhibit. didn’t have money to go in man. else we could’ve meet the dolphins! lol. crossed the bridge to the next ‘island’. we sat at one of the towers and watched some water jet-skiing (is it?) and later headed back to the beach where they were playing monkey with a volleyball.

well, jun wei had to rush off and he forgot his umbrella again. that was number two. we got booze at 7-eleven and we went back to mainland to eat pastamania for dinner. sof, jo & I wanted to catch the musical fountain show at 9.30 and found out that the last show was 8.40. grr..

went back to watch stir of echos on channel i. really good show. scared us all. lmao. and they had their vodka with 7-up. watched some chinese game show and after that, we decided to play that game using drinking cards as the forfeit. talked some more till we dropped off one by one..

sunday we half-packed and half-watched cartoons on tv -chuckles- yeah. justice leage and spiderman was on -grins- went back mainland and went to macd’s and we played the number game again. did hilarious forfeits. thank goodness I left earlier before I kena.

met jun wei for movie. watched crazy first love at tiong bahru plaza. really funny korean flick but I still loved my sassy girl better. heh. and he forgot his umbrella again -groans- number three.

if you’re wondering why the later part of the entry looks choppy, it’s coz I’m rushing o_O

so that’s the aftermath of the chalet

I wish you would’ve held my hand
I wish you could’ve understand
right across the dampened sand
along the sandy beach..

ok. this would be my last entry till next week. why? you see, I’m heading for sentosa for pk’s birthday resort. which reminds me:

happy birthday pk!

yay. finally legal. so how does it feel like looking and being legal finally? haha. like she’s gonna read this :? right now all of them would be at sentosa while I’m still here in mainland typing in my office

for those who aren’t from singapore, sentosa is this little island on the south which is mainly a tourist attraction. so if you’re thinking of coming by here, do stop at sentosa

thanks for all of your concern I’m feeling much better now besides a few sniffles here and there.

yesterday, went with jun wei to watch the extended version of lotr: the fellowship of the ring. I’ve never watched that. lol. even though I’ve watched two towers. so after watching fotr, I understand much better.

and today, I went to watch two towers with wil (yea. extended version too) and I’m proud to say that it was the 10th time I watched two towers in the theatres. wil kept saying I was crazy watching it so many times.

the extended version was really extended for two towers. about 45 mins extra! imagine sitting in the theatre for four hours from 11am onwards! haha. I didn’t mind

alot of you guys always see my hair tied up. well, here’s your lucky chance. my cam pic at the moment shows my hair down. a really rare treat for you! -winks-

oh. and wil lent me his cam -dance around- so I may be adding more pics after the chalet I mean, resort in my photolog. I can’t wait! *excited*

ok. gotta rush home to pack my stuff for 3 days and 2 nights. jo messaged to say that I needed to go get re-lightable candles. prolly for pk’s cake ;D

I finally got my pay! well, my pay for the waitressing job. still waiting for my office job pay o_O but I’m sick again so when I met up with wil after work, he saw my condition and said, “you really look terrible.” thanks *sarcastic* like I needed to be reminded.

well, he got me this panadol thingy and less than half an hour, my flu was just *poof* gone! amazing I tell you. and it costs quite alot. SG$5.80! -gasp- I usually don’t take panadol cos I’m allergic to it. but this works. and no reaction! ;D

No Flu

wil is so lucky. get a new phone and a new cam on the same day -jealous- at least he let me play with his cam I love his cam though it’s a sony plus it’s pretty laggy.

we went to tampines fish & co. to have dinner. let me tell you, it was my first trip to fish & co. -embarrassed look- yeah. I’ve never been to one and finally, when I’m 18 years and 6 months old, wil brought me to fish & co.

well, nothing that spectacular or anything. but it is an experience. haha. I even used his cam to take pics! I think I could have a photo composition soon. I have so many caption ideas -grins-

wil was crazy man. he kept asking me to take self pics together. most of them are pretty spas. and he’s sending me those pics via msn now. ack! I look so spas in most of them -wails- I’ve lost my photogenic-y -pouts-

ooh~ and I’m bloated -pats fat tummy- I think I’m gonna weigh like a fat cow again

yes, pwen did this topic in her blog a few entries ago and somehow, it got me thinking about it again. it’s rather depressing to know that after living in this world for 18 years and 6 months (yes. that’s how old I am today) I don’t have a single reciprocated (sp?!) love back.

I don’t know. I mean, sure, there are others.. sis, boss, pwen.. cj?? haha. yeah. but it still sucks all the same. I’ve got my kor who’s a real buaya-er (flirt) and he can get a gf this year. met her at camp too *hngh* and another church pal of mine who got attached.

only thing is that the latter wasn’t that lucky. I admit, he’s abit of a fool. I mean, he met this girl online and he’s never even met her before when they went together. I mean, it’s quite dumb. to get a gf and you’ve never met her before. but that’s what he did. and he found out that everything was a lie.

the pic she sent him wasn’t even her. the life she told him about wasn’t even true. she said she’s in aussie now but she’s still right here in singapore. it’s so dumb. but I pity him. his first relationship and it has to turn out like this.

and I read in some girl’s blog about she and her new guy. they broke up. apparently, she found out that the guy made a bet with his friends to see who could ‘get’ her first. how sad. to think that these only happen in the movies.

so at times, I guess I’m glad I’m single. and like I’ve said before, I am happy being single. I’m just unhappy being single and being in love at the same time. especially when that love isn’t reciprocal..

enough of heartsick stuff. I’m sick of it -scolds self- now, to end off with a happy note, here’s two of the many snaps we took that eventful night with the neoprint machine -grins-

PK, Pwen & Me