Firstly, Happy 24th Birthday CJ! Now, aren’t you a proud business woman in the food industry before you hit 24?

I’m going to blog about Saturday’s dinner. Guan and I headed to Bugis Junction with Zayden Asher to try out this new eatery called LENAS.

I found out about the soft launch of LENAS from an e-newsletter that MOF had sent me. Since they had a 1-for-1 pizza/pasta deal, why not give it a try?

The place was wooden—almost literally. The moment I stepped into the restaurant, what struck me was the smell of wood. The table was made of wood, the chairs were made of wood, even a push-trolley at the side was made of wood. And it wasn’t those furniture that has a smooth finish. It’s like, fresh-out-of-the-workshop-kind. I didn’t manage to take any photos of the restaurant but you can have a look here.

(Don’t mind the poor photos. It’s quite hard to get good light without using flash.)

Iced Mint and Lime Tea
Guan ordered their signature drink—Iced Mint and Lime Tea.

It’s not too bad. And since I was a member at MOF, we had Crisp Parmesan Fries.

Crisp Parmesan Fries

Guan ordered a Pepperoni pizza while I had a Hawaiian. And… guess what? They served them on wooden boards!

Pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza

Hawaiian pizza
Hawaiian pizza

The pizzas were pretty good. My pizza crust was a bit too burnt but it was still edible. Zayden made it rather hard for Guan to enjoy his meal though. He kept fussing and wanted to be carried and walked around. I had to cut his (Guan’s not Zayden’s) pizza into bite-size pieces and feed him while he had his hands full with Zayden.


Not one of my best shots but oh well

Zayden was still fussing after dinner. So instead of putting him in the stroller, I had to carry him back to the car.

Zayden and me

Anyway, yesterday, we dinnered at Astons Specialties and we let Zayden have a go with the fork.


And… I’m not going back to Astons anymore because, nearby, Everything with Fries is much nicer

Over the weekend, we went over to the house of Guan’s relatives as everyone who has yet to meet Zayden Asher wanted to meet the cute little boy

Aside from the red packets, Zayden was given a whole bunch of baby clothes from Carter’s by relatives who had just returned from the states. I shall post photos of the clothes once I find out where the mother-in-law has stashed them.

What I like about visiting this particular relative’s house is that there’s a whole drum set to play with

I was already convinced that Zayden was a drummer since he kept me up in the wee hours of the morning when he was gestating inside my womb

My little drummer boy Love!


So… I’m rather behind at doing this but here I am!

I signed up for Shimelle‘s online class—Blogging for Scrapbookers and it started on Monday. But, being the usual procrastinator that I have always been, I kinda sorta lagged behind since caring for Zayden Asher takes up practically ALL my time. Well, not to mention checking out Tumblr and helping Guan with his FarmVille on Facebook and looking at deals at 2peas

Anyway, I spent the last weekend meeting new crafty people on the class forum and admiring everyone else crafty and pretty works while I did my usual gawking at pretty papers and layouts

I read up the class notes and have got Google Reader ready And I shall attempt today’s—well, yesterday’s, actually—prompt.

I was on my way to MWL to buy the new MME journaling cards and the fastest way was by the train. And, somehow, I always seem to have very annoying kids taking the same carriage as me.

He was about six and he sounded Filipino and I shall assume that he was sitting (on the reserved seat for those who need) with his mother. I stood in front of him, trying to ignore him while half-gaming, half-tweeting on my iPhone, and he kept whining and fidgeting in his seat. Okay, granted that he’s a kid so given that his butt probably had needles on them, but, did he need to whine (almost) endlessly?

He kept going on and on and moving about in his seat and when he wanted to lie on his mother, he got really comfy by putting his legs up against the glass on the side of the seat. If his legs were any longer, those ugly Crocs would be right in my face :evil:

Needless to say, I was pretty thankful when I finally alighted at my stop—only to discover that he and his family alighted along as well :mrgreen:

That is why I hope Zayden won’t grow up to be those annoying, irritating, badly-behaved children I see running around, making a ruckus in public :? I shall do my best! *yosh*

Oh, well. Anyway, I got my journaling cards! But I couldn’t find one of them so my set isn’t complete

Zayden Asher
A Zayden Moment

It’s like a thunderstorm out there now. I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s raining because the weather is so HOT!

Anyway, it’s Halloween! And it isn’t a really big thing here for kids since it’ll be the young adults that would be heading to the clubs for the different spooky dance nights :?

I remember back when I was working at Loof, Halloween night meant being slammed for that short period of time when party-goers from the Halloween Bus arrived for their free drinks and whatnot.

Anyway, it was Zayden Asher’s and my doctors appointments yesterday and from the time he was born till now, he has gained 1.76 k.g. and grew 6 c.m.! No wonder my arms were aching when I was carrying him throughout the journey to the hospital (including the time spent standing and waiting for a cab).

My doctor checked me up and said I was fine. Then Zayden’s doctor checked him up and said he was growing well. So folks, mother and baby are fine

I should get ready soon since I’ll be meeting my teammates for dinner later.

Ok! So here’s a random Zayden moment:

Zayden Asher

It’s amazing how he’s sleeping through the thunder at this moment :?

Oh! And I finally changed the camera picture! (see sidebar)

So the 7ners celebrated our October babies’ birthdays on Saturday at Oriole. It was the first time in a really long while that we met up on a weekend because back then someone was either busy with her significant other or with work or just isn’t free. It was also the first time in a rather long while that we ended up cam-whoring outside the cafe and bar :?

Dinner was rather fair. The food tasted good but the portions were rather small for the price we paid. But the chocolate cake was a to-die-for. It was made with really rich and good quality chocolate and if I wasn’t on a budget, I would have ordered another just for myself so I could relish every single bite

Awesome Chocolate Cake
THE awesome chocolate cake with the bread pudding at the back.

As I mentioned that the food portions were small, dinner ended pretty early so we just sat, chilled and talked. And before we went our separate ways…

The birthday ladies
The birthday ladies: Peiwen and Soffie

The 7ners
PK, Jo, Me, Peiwen, CJ, Perr, Soffie

While having our “photo-shoot” (teehee), I was reminded of how we used to take a group photo on our own and suggested attempting that neoprint shot again

These were taken by someone back in 2004:

Boxing Day 2004

Boxing Day 2004

(I just realized… Boss, did you take them?)

And by my hand of Thor:

Boxing Day 2004

Boxing Day 2004

(Okay, I know I’m using the above term wrongly but what does it mean anyway? I tried Googling and nothing relevant came up.)

Saturday’s attempt:

The 7ners: Neoprint Style
YES! Success!

We also did the all-those-in-pants-take-a-picture and all-those-in-dresses-take-a-picture.

Soffie's 21st
Team Skirts/Dresses three years ago at Soffie’s 21st

Peiwen & Soffie's 24th
Team Dresses this year

To the second October kid of the 7ners: Happy 24th Birthday Soffie Sis! Hope that you had an awesome day with your loved ones! It’s been a really long time and I’m glad that I’ve got you in this clique as well as the companionship of heading to hip hop gigs back in our late teens Love!

Soffie & Me
Her 19th

Soffie & Me
Her 20th

Soffie & Me
Her 21st

Soffie & Me
Her 22nd

Soffie & Me

And, last but not least, (I’ll bet) the real reason why everyone bothered to read this entry is for this cutesy photo of Zayden Asher and awesome Guan

Guan & Zayden Asher

Can someone tell me what “by the hand of Thor” means? :roll: