… that I could make my first post of 2010 on the first day, my website’s server had to experience “unrecoverable file system errors and must undergo an emergency restore” (according to my web host). So right now I see a lot of errors on my WordPress dashboard :?

Anyway, I changed my camera picture (see sidebar)

Will post a proper new year post once my account is restored! (Which would probably take all night.)

So… I’m rather behind at doing this but here I am!

I signed up for Shimelle‘s online class—Blogging for Scrapbookers and it started on Monday. But, being the usual procrastinator that I have always been, I kinda sorta lagged behind since caring for Zayden Asher takes up practically ALL my time. Well, not to mention checking out Tumblr and helping Guan with his FarmVille on Facebook and looking at deals at 2peas

Anyway, I spent the last weekend meeting new crafty people on the class forum and admiring everyone else crafty and pretty works while I did my usual gawking at pretty papers and layouts

I read up the class notes and have got Google Reader ready And I shall attempt today’s—well, yesterday’s, actually—prompt.

I was on my way to MWL to buy the new MME journaling cards and the fastest way was by the train. And, somehow, I always seem to have very annoying kids taking the same carriage as me.

He was about six and he sounded Filipino and I shall assume that he was sitting (on the reserved seat for those who need) with his mother. I stood in front of him, trying to ignore him while half-gaming, half-tweeting on my iPhone, and he kept whining and fidgeting in his seat. Okay, granted that he’s a kid so given that his butt probably had needles on them, but, did he need to whine (almost) endlessly?

He kept going on and on and moving about in his seat and when he wanted to lie on his mother, he got really comfy by putting his legs up against the glass on the side of the seat. If his legs were any longer, those ugly Crocs would be right in my face :evil:

Needless to say, I was pretty thankful when I finally alighted at my stop—only to discover that he and his family alighted along as well :mrgreen:

That is why I hope Zayden won’t grow up to be those annoying, irritating, badly-behaved children I see running around, making a ruckus in public :? I shall do my best! *yosh*

Oh, well. Anyway, I got my journaling cards! But I couldn’t find one of them so my set isn’t complete

Zayden Asher
A Zayden Moment

My internship started last week and it’s boring. Well, and somewhat demanding. This is a reason why I will never get a full-time job at the office.

Since last week, I have been pulling a five-day-six-night week. I am somewhat amazed that I can just sleep for about three hours a day, pull a nine-hour long office job, then a seven-hour shift at the bar. I guess I can now claim the title Charles gave me a few months ago: Superwoman

It was pretty much a lousy day yesterday with oversleeping, getting to internship an hour late, getting crap from the higher up folks, being demanded to do stuff that gets rejected 7863458976 times, re-doing those stuff 7863458977 times, listening to someone tell me something that I have been suppressing for months so now it becomes a reality, missing training because of internship, getting to work late because of internship…

Okay, basically, internship sucks.

That is why I wanted to go drinking. So, after work at half past three this morning, some colleagues and I ended up at a bar drinking beer and Chivas and watching the Chelsea-Liverpool match. I am not much of a soccer fan but I supported Liverpool this morning. In fact, everyone else was supporting them. But darn Chelsea! If that penalty was not scored, it could have been a draw.

Charlene was the only one rejoicing and making a whole lot of noise, irritating the shit out of everyone else (She is only supporting them because Liverpool kicked her team, Arsenal, out.)

I enjoyed myself tremendously. It made me forget (more or less) about my lousy day. And it made me look forward to working tonight

Yeah, I love working

Note to readers: Tiang is a term we use whenever the ball hits the goal frame. Technically, it should be diang. But I guess we’ll just go along with tiang, eh?

Yesterday’s training was one of the very few trainings that had all eight of us down to train together. And, of all days, it had to be a day where almost everyone willingly joined the new tiang club—SPTC—because almost all of us kept tianging.

When I was doing some stationary shots, there was this time I tianged four times in a row. Four times! It was so frustrating that I got really angry and it made my following two shots in

I did not practice keeping for a long time. So, initially, practically everyone’s balls kept ramming into the goal. But after getting the hang of it, I managed to keep pretty decent balls. Especially those thrown by the alumni guys And Jackson tianged three times in a row! Jacky was much worse. Almost all his balls kept tianging.

Geok Cheng was saying that we practically tianged more than 50 balls yesterday :?

We played pretty okay with the guys. We managed to score three goals, too. If only we can play like this on Saturday (minus all the tianging), we could probably trash the other two teams

It would be Joycelyn’s last match with us So Geok was saying we should try and let her score as many goals as she can this Saturday

It is always amazing to discover the bruises and cuts and abrasions one can get after a training session. It is more of a wonder when one does not realise how one got the injury to begin with.

Check out my bruises on my right arm from keeping:
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You know you are having a lousy day when:

  • you over dosed yourself (with cough syrup) the night before and wake up in the middle of the afternoon
  • you meet up a friend in an attempt to cheer him up over a death of a close friend of his (which is currently a nationwide news) only to fail because you are way too disturbed with your own woes
  • you arrive at work with absobuckinlutely no mood to work
  • you have to be on your toes at work because it’s The Boss Meeting Day
  • you lose all appetite but binge on Maccas’ shaker fries for the whole night
  • you attempt to puke out all those oily, fatty fries in vain
  • you leave your phone somewhere, only to discover it missing when you’re halfway on the highway

Well, guess how my day was?

On a side note, it was nice that you remembered.

It is rare that I am updating my blog rather regularly these days. But since my class was so-called cancelled, I still have about 8974597834 hours (actually, just three) to kill.

Not many frequent here any more. I don’t blame them since I did not make the time nor effort to actually maintain the bond. So, if you read past archives, you will notice that I don’t really blog really deep and personal stuff. Usually it’s about my random days or something I want to share or pictures I want to post.

I guess having 8974597834 hours to kill just puts your gears in your mind to work. So, beware, it may be a long, random, (perhaps) boring and wordy post.
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