So I wanted to upgrade to WordPress 2.8.1 (gosh! So fast?!) but I forgot the password to backup my files before doing any upgrade. (Also, apparently, instead of deleting all the old files and uploading the new ones before running the upgrade page, I can simply click on a button on the dashboard and viola!ómy blog would be magically upgraded to the latest version.)

Anyway, I’d like to say that Tumblr is extremely addictive especially if you’re into pretty things (paper, craft, illustration), photography, quotes and sad secrets. I spend more time re-blogging instead of posting at Twitter

I’m hoping that Despair would be back soon. I have been helping Naco with the checking of members and I must say that it is not an easy feat :?

On a side note, it’s my cousin Jolene’s wedding today. Hope the dinner would be as good as the last one

So I have decided that I really need to fix up this site. Well, not really on the layout since my inspirations have gone off in a puff of cloud and I have no love for making a layout at the moment.

Anyway, I have been staying home lately and catching up with the final season (or so I’ve heard) of Prison Break. Currently, no episodes are being aired for the time being. New episodes are coming back in April. Exciting!

I found it quite hard to believe that Guan didn’t pick up this show (and the only other shows I know he watches are HIMYM (thanks to yours truly), House and American Dad). He doesn’t even watch Heroes! (Oh! The horror!)

So I fed him with the first season (of Prison Break) and he was hooked. So once he’s done till the last episode (which is episode 16 of the 4th season), I’ll start him with Heroes He claims it’s too confusing so it looks like I’ve a lot of explaining to do :?

So after scoring through the classifieds daily over the last two weeks, trying to find a decent admin/data entry job, I have failed rather miserably.

And aside from doing the above mentioned, I have been slacking around at home, re-watching awesome HIMYM episodes along with my Legend of the Condor Heroes DVDs and, well, sleeping.

I don’t like not having anything to do because it makes me rather lazy.

Not to mention that even though I have thought about changing my layout (it’s been up for like, more than a year. Or is it two years now?) I just can’t get my creative juices together to come up with a neat and awesome layout like this current one. (I should mention that Alexis Bledel is still really pretty.)

Anyway, I have finally upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 and I’m still trying to get used to the new interface :?

Rey‘s finally in Australia and I will really miss him. No more 3-am-Carl’s-Junior-burgers for me, I guess. Or awesome talk and HIMYM references

Anyway, Xavier introduced me to a bar job and I’m hoping to start next week and switch to full-time next month. So, no more hoping-for-an-admin-job for me. It’s back to the bar!

As a final note, Tarmidzie told me that the Coldplay concert tickets have all been sold out All I can say is: SO FAST?!

So I suffered from bad tummy aches over the Lunar New Year, causing me to be unable to enjoy all the goodies that everyone stuff themselves with, and the only excuse people use to just eat a little more and gain unwanted weight. Haha!

Hoo boy am I suffering now

Your rainbow is shaded red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Anyway, it’s my dad’s birthday as well as‘s 5th birthday! Can’t believe I still keep this domain for half a decade :?

Happy Birthday Daddy!

More about my surfing trip at Cherating in the next post…

Yesterday, I gathered Edmond, Jolene, Charlene, Allan and Jianling to go cable skiing at Batam. Moses came along as well and we reached Waterfront Cable Ski Park at around 10 (Batam time).

Truth be told, I was disappointed to learn that we were not the only group there. Apparently, there were about another three groups and one of them happened to be Jo’s and my teammates :?

Anyway, we started and I was pretty glad I could manage to stand on the board

Edmond fell many, many, many times. And for the whole day, he only managed to stand until the first turn. He learnt much faster than me on my first try.

Edmond trying out

After a number of tries, Jo switched to being a spectator. I’m sorry sister! I hoped you weren’t bored

Jo flying
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