100 Things

  1. I was born in a private hospital in Singapore on June 8. I had an ex-church friend, (ex because I changed churches and not any otherwise) Melissa, who was born on the same day at the same hospital.
  2. I am the eldest with a younger brother and two younger sisters.
  3. I have two dimples and a really foolish smile.
  4. I remember having a ‘boyfriend’ in kindergarten. He lived a few blocks away from me and I even remember his name.
  5. When I was six, I was one of the selected few K2 kids to give a speech on our graduation concert.
  6. I am half (jokingly) convinced that I was switched at birth because my siblings look alike and I don’t. Well, they don’t look like me, that is. My siblings are all long, lean and leggy and I am… not. Furthermore, I’m like, the black black sheep of the family.
  7. When my siblings and I were younger, we used to fight whenever my parents were not home.
  8. While other parents encourage their children to read, my mother banned my siblings and I from reading for a week because all we did was eat, read and sleep all the time, neglecting our chores, homework, etc.
  9. My best years in school were those in primary school. Sad to say, all my primary school friends begged to differ, claiming that their secondary, junior college and university lives were much better.
  10. I envy best-friendships that were since forever. I never really had one besides the occasional few:
    1. In kindergarten, there was this girl. PL can be rather selfish at times. And she was rather snotty and snobby (now that I recall). But she did share with me her goodies. I will never forget the time when her hair clip scratched my face and gave me a scar for two weeks.
    2. In lower primary, Mau transferred over to my school in the middle of the year. We were alike in our tomboyish ways and our liking for soccer. Also, we were the shortest in class and had our meals together during recess. Before we graduated, we made a pact to join a basketball team in whichever school we ended up in. I met her during my tournament when we were 14 when our teams were playing against each other.
    3. In primary 4, I was in this clique of five girls. Two of them were best friends since lower primary, YR and I became besties during that year. The other did not mind hanging with us and we did our group projects together. Come to think of it, I knew I was a temporary replacement for YR since I knew her best friend was in a different class.
    4. In secondary 1, there was this little girl who asked me to be besties. C and I don’t have too many things in common. So I think it was out of childishness that made me agree to this best-friendship. Anyhoo, the last I saw her photos on Friendster, she’s grown to be quite a stunning chica, I must say.
    5. In secondary 3, I met Darren through a camp. We had fun hanging out and he has always been around whenever I needed someone to listen. Till now, he never fails in making me laugh and I never fail to surprise him.
  11. I found out I was a long distance runner after coming up 4th in every race event that was 200m or less.
  12. When I was 12, I was first in a national race. It wasn’t an individual event so my school’s girls team got the gold while the boys team claimed the bronze. We all did win cash
  13. I am a sporty person and love basketball, netball, soccer, badminton, running, canoe polo, cable skiing/wakeboarding and going to the gym.
  14. When I was 9, everyone thought I would join the volleyball team and follow my father’s footsteps. (He was a national player.) However, there wasn’t a volleyball team for my session and after two years, I gave up trying to convince the teacher-in-charge to form another volleyball team.
  15. I was once part of the track team, the basketball team, the netball team and the canoe polo team. The reason why I was never in the badminton team was because when I was in primary school, my batch had simply stunning badminton players that (some) were eventually national players. I was only above average so I joined track instead. In my primary and secondary school, there were no girls soccer team and I ended up playing soccer with the guys instead.
  16. Despite being sporty and enjoying sea sports, I hate swimming. I passed my Intermediate and I can swim. I just don’t have the stamina. Furthermore, I get horrigible leg cramps all the time.
  17. I get muscle cramps at the weirdest places: shins, ankle, toes and hips.
  18. I started an on-off diary when I was 8. I started journaling seriously when I was 13 and it stopped sometime around two years ago. I currently lack the time to journal the significant points of my life and will only continue after August or September this year.
  19. I find it hard to express myself vocally and prefer to tell people things through letters and notes rather than a face-to-face conversation. This somewhat applies to online chats.
  20. I never learnt any musical instrument professionally besides the compulsory music classes back in primary school where I was forced to learn the recorder for four years. I picked up piano/keyboard on my own and only had lessons for a year in secondary school.
  21. I leant drumming from a friend when I was 20 and am still trying to learn from someone else. I picked up guitar on my own and would like to learn how to play the electric guitar or the bass.
  22. I only started listening to the radio when I was 15 and stopped when I was 20.
  23. I enjoy all music genres except country, jazz, retro and oldies. I only like a few songs from the above mentioned genres. I used to dislike house music when I was 17 but have come to love it when I was 22.
  24. It took me three years to find the songs “Open My Eyes” by Tiffany and “Bizarre Love Triangle” by Frente because I recognized the songs only by their melody and lyrics but did not know the title nor the artist.
  25. I enjoy making and receiving mix tapes.
  26. Lene Marlin is the only artist that I would purchase albums from. I’m still working on the singles.
  27. Despite being unable to read scores, I wrote a few songs.
  28. I like writing poetry and have realized that I write better when I’m feeling down or depressed. To date, I have only managed to write one happy poem.
  29. When I write stories, they tend to be really good from the start but end up getting abrupt endings only because I grew tired completing it or lack the imagination.
  30. When I was 6, I learnt ballet because I liked how graceful the girls danced in the studio. I quit after six months because I grew bored.
  31. I took up drawing classes when I was young and scored As in Arts and Crafts. When I chose Art as an O Level subject in upper secondary, I scored Cs instead.
  32. My best subject in primary school was Maths (besides Arts and Crafts).
  33. The first time I ever stepped into a movie theatre was when I was 15. I was with my cousin on the eve of Valentine’s Day and we caught Miss Congeniality.
  34. My all-time favourite korean movie is My Sassy Girl (Yeopgijeogin geunyeo) and I am very unhappy that there was an american remake on this awesome show.
  35. I love Pixar’s animations and my favourite work by them is Monsters Inc.
  36. When I was young, my ambitions were to be a policewoman (my aunt and uncle were in the police force) and a teacher (I had a great form teacher when I was 10). Currently, I hope to open a bar by the beach some day in the states.
  37. I have always wanted to be a bartender (I don’t like to call myself a barmaid) ever since I was 15 after watching Coyote Ugly. This (almost) life-long dream finally came true last month.
  38. I have worked as a cafe crew, a waitress, a barista, a clerk, a cashier, a stock checker, an events helper, a floor crew and, currently, a bartender.
  39. I am a terribly fussy eater.
  40. I have weird eating habits:
    • I like cheese; I like fries. I don’t like cheese fries.
    • I dislike cheesecake (unless given a good dosage of chocolate syrup) because cheese is salty and cakes are sweet. In my mind, those concepts simply cannot mix. But I love Oreo cheesecakes.
    • I always eat the center cream of the Oreo before the cookie.
    • Dishes on my plate cannot mix with the other and/or the rice.
    • I like bland stuff, most of the time.
  41. In the past, the only japanese food I enjoyed was teriyaki chicken rice.
  42. The first time I tried sushi and unagi (eels) was when I was 16. My aunt (indirectly) forced them down my throat.
  43. The first time I consumed raw meat was on my 21st birthday. It was salmon sashimi.
  44. I prefer raw greens.
  45. The only dressing I like is thousand island. The other would be MOF @ Izakaya‘s apple dressing.
  46. I hate mayonnaise and whip cream not because it’s fattening but because of the taste.
  47. When I was 14, I jumped every night before I went to bed. This caused me to grow a centimeter every month for nine months.
  48. I have had both my ankles sprained and twisted, my right knee twisted, the muscle on my right shoulder sprained, spinal injury, and two fingers swollen. All the injuries (besides the fingers) have healed.
  49. Ever since I was 14, I wanted my navel pierced before my ears. I got the former pierced when I was 19, the latter when I was 21. I currently have eight piercings.
  50. My mother gave me a five-hour lecture when she found out about my navel piercing. (I was wearing a really long and baggy tee to sleep but it still rode up anyway. Wth.) I still can’t decide whether that was better than hell or not :neutral:
  51. I feel naked without my necklace and accessories.
  52. I used to (and still do) adore bell bracelets and anklets.
  53. I have been biting my nails for two decades. I’m still trying to quit. Really.
  54. I like glassware. A lot.
  55. The only pets I have reared are hamsters. The abandoned rabbits were my mom’s and the injured stray bird belonged to everyone.
  56. I cried my eyes out when my first hamster, Snowy, passed on. It was on the day of my Chinese streaming examinations.
  57. While other girls dreamed of getting unicorns and/or ponies, I wanted a dolphin.
  58. English is my (current) only language. My Chinese is atrocious and I know very little Malay, Japanese and Korean. I can only say a few phrases (and count) in Cantonese and “eat” and “thank you” in Hokkien.
  59. When I was in lower primary, I was in the Chinese Speech and Drama club.
  60. My secondary school friends proclaimed that I suffered from “dineitis”. In other words, I camwhore.
  61. I have never been on a plane before.
  62. The only countries I’ve been to are Malaysia (west) and Batam (Indonesia).
  63. Because I don’t find myself attractive, I tend to admire beauty, gorgeousness and prettiness in other glamourous girls.
  64. I suffer from depression, bipolar disorder and sleep paralysis.
  65. I dislike psychiatrists and counsellors. For two years, my lecturer and mother have tried to make me see a student counsellor in vain. When I finally decided to see one, my officer-in-charge ignored my e-mails.
  66. Freckles popped up on my right shoulder one day when I was 13. The left shoulder remains freckle-less.
  67. I used to have a “star” on my cheek due to a ruptured capillary. It eventually went away as I got tanner.
  68. People can tell that I gain weight by looking at my face. And my tummy
  69. I enjoy making people’s birthday gifts and cards. Well, along with Valentine’s Day and Christmas.
  70. I once had a pen-pal from England. Catherine sent me really neat stuff and I still have her letters with me.
  71. I am always amazed when I go to another girl’s room to find out that her wardrobe is bursting with clothes. I don’t have a room and I have more books than clothes.
  72. I have never worn a belt as an accessory.
  73. I enjoy photography but feel that my skills are only mediocre, with an occasional outstanding photo once every green moon :?
  74. I feel that I’m not even a jack of all trades let alone a master of one.
  75. I always feel that I will be truly happy once I get what I want. The problem is not knowing what I want.
  76. When I was 13, I learnt that I cannot keep my hair short. Yet I still persist in attempting to look halfway decent (in vain) with short hair.
  77. I have a stalker who is (almost) just like me. Just that he’s of a different gender. And after almost seven years, we are still arguing over who’s stalking who. (Remus, it’s you!)
  78. I’m an introvert extrovert. Or an extrovert introvert.
  79. I had difficulty making girl friends since I was 15. Then again, I preferred the conversational topics among the dudes anyway.
  80. I intensely dislike shopping.
  81. I did not own and/or wear a skirt and/or dress for ten years (ever since I was 11.) School uniforms and pinafolds do not count.
  82. I am flat-footed and feel most comfortable in skateboarding shoes.
  83. I briefly learnt skateboarding and break-dancing in my mid to late teens. I bought my DIY skateboard for $180 and sold it for $100 a year later.
  84. I used to have a hot temper and lost it (very badly) on three occasions:
    1. When I was 10, I slapped a classmate’s face in front of the teacher and the whole class. It was so hard that even though he was very tanned, all of my five fingers’ imprints could be seen clearly. I worried all day that his mother would come after me.
    2. When I was 13, I boxed a girl till she cried.
    3. When I was 14, I yelled at an extremely annoying and irritating senior in front of the whole camp (including the adults) during dinner at the mess hall.
  85. I enjoy simple things like waves, white clouds, blue skies, sunrise and sunsets.
  86. I love the beach in the day with the sun. I also love it with it’s tranquility at night with the night breeze blowing and the waves crashing…
  87. I have only attended two concerts: Jewel’s This Way World Tour and Avril Lavigne’s Try To Shut Me Up Tour. I didn’t spent a single cent on the tickets
  88. I have never seen snow before.
  89. I still do not have a car license.
  90. I have been working part-time since I was 16
  91. I taught myself html when I was 12.
  92. I am secretly in love with Veronica Mars
  93. Okay, fine, so that makes me a closet gay
  94. I have a rather high tolerance for pain. The only pain I usually complain about would be stomach cramps, headaches and mouth ulcers. I have a deep fascination with bruise pains.
  95. I can be rather jaded and stoic, at times.
  96. My closest girl friend whom I tell almost everything to is in another country and I talk to her (online) around three to six times a year. I admire her views and mentality and have always feared that she would find out that I have been a sham all along :?
  97. Okay, yes, I have a friggin’ low self-esteem.
  98. My favourite combinations are banana chocolate and chocolate peanut (butter).
  99. I’m allergic to seafood (sometimes), painkillers, panadol, paracetamol and any medication to bring down a fever.
  100. My four wisdom teeth have been partially growing for the last four years.

Written between July 23 to July 30 2008