I’m such a sick duck today. plus the fact that it was a really depressing time for me in the morning..

went to work late coz I overslept. couldn’t help it. if you see my cam pic, I’ve been baking cookies till 2am. why? my sister lor. she went, “jie (that’s big sis in chinese), I wanna go sleep already. you bake the rest ok?”

what could I do? I couldn’t leave it to my mom so I baked the next 4 batches which took about 10 mins approx for each batch.

anyway, I was late and I’m hating work. long story. maybe I’ll mention some other time. had to give flyers to letterboxes in the nearby shopping centres. and now my knuckles are bruised. like I said, another time -scowls-

after my office job, went to meet up with wil. haha. it’s just like last year. after we met during a dmc meeting, we chilled out for the next couple of weeks like the old times. found out he was a magician and he showed me card tricks during the mrt ride to bedok.

he had to do grocery (sp?) shopping for his mum so we went to bedok interchange’s ntuc where he bought alot of stuff. lol. after that we walked home. and well, he had to take a cab home from my place. lmao.

hmm.. -muse- I’m feeling a tad better already! ;D