After five months of working at the restaurant, I have noticed that whenever a couple dines together (be it friends, colleagues, lovers, etc), it will always be the lady who fishes out her card/cash when the bill is being presented.

I guess the times have changed. Women, I’m afraid, will soon dominate the world.

Fear us you testosteroned homo sapiens!

Three days ago, while at work, I spotted my ex-lecturer who recognised me.

Yesterday, while at work, I spotted this guy I met at camp more than 10 years ago who recognised me and even remembered my name!

And I learnt that chamomile tea tastes like chewed chewing gum. Ewe.

When I say dead, I meant dead tired. Thatís how Iím feeling now.

Imagine getting out of bed at 4.30 a.m. for three mornings straight to work for three hours, going home at 10 a.m. feeling tired but unable to sleep, trying to occupying yourself while you wait for your body to feel tired and finally nap for three hours in the late afternoon.

I didnít know I had to be like this for this month.

God bless me.

phooey. forget whatever I said about not being allergic to panadol. I was – and am -scowls-

yesterday I took it when I started sneezing like a machine gun – non stop! so I popped 2 and got ready for work. just as I was about to wear my contacts, I saw this little bump below my eye. it looks like a mosquito bite and instantly, I knew it was the doing of the bloody panadol.

but I thought hey, it could be a coincidence. so I decided to wait for awhile to see if the ‘mosquito bite’ grew any bigger. it did. bloody hell.

so I had to msg my colleague to let her know I wouldn’t be going to work. and I spent every 5 minutes looking into the mirror to see how bad it swelled. the last time my eyes swelled was when I popped a tiny painkiller coz my wrist was hurting me and within 2 hours, my eyes were so swollen I couldn’t even open them :mrgreen:

this time was a little weird. only one eye was swollen and thankfully, it wasn’t that bad.

ok. let me clear this up: firstly, wil isn’t my boyfriend! -mock glares at ebony- he’s just a good pal I met back in 2000 during obs and he was my canoeing partner for the sea expedition. that’s all. haha. I don’t have a boyfriend -rolls eyes- no one wants me. lmao.

and the cam he got? it’s a sony p10. don’t really like the design and I saw a sony v1 today in the papers. I want that cam! *hint*

so technically, it was a bad day. but no biggie since my mom creamed me the night before. but oddly, my day ended well. not just well well but really well

was chatting with jo and I was telling her to pray really hard that I can attend pk’s birthday chalet at sentosa as my mom and I were really having cold war or something. so she was wishing me all the best of luck when I told my mom this:

“mom, my friend’s birthday is on friday and she’s having a chalet at sentosa from friday to sunday. so can I go – I mean, I’m going. can?”

haha. I was deciding whether to use the tell method or the ask method since I usually go with either way. ended up we had this talk. not those really focused talks but those she-was-busy-with-something-and-I-just-rambled-on talks.

she started by saying, “then what about work?” then I don’t know why but I just told her that I wanted to quit my waitressing job. and she started asking why. why I wanted to quit. why I wasn’t happy. what was it that I wasn’t happy about.. you get the idea.

anyway, we cleared a lot of differences that was between us for the past month and not only she let me go to pk’s chalet, I could quit my waitressing job too!

so I’ll just stick to my office job in the afternoon. really need a break. it’s tiring trying to handle two jobs and running back and forth between those two.

so today, I thought I would feel better but I think that allergy reaction is lagging or something. I broke out in rashes today. no kidding. I didn’t apply anything since I didn’t know what to apply and mom wasn’t home so here I am at my workplace typing this and hoping that the aircon here would be really cold so I don’t need to keep scratching :?

and I’m still sneezing -sniffles-

I finally got my pay! well, my pay for the waitressing job. still waiting for my office job pay o_O but I’m sick again so when I met up with wil after work, he saw my condition and said, “you really look terrible.” thanks *sarcastic* like I needed to be reminded.

well, he got me this panadol thingy and less than half an hour, my flu was just *poof* gone! amazing I tell you. and it costs quite alot. SG$5.80! -gasp- I usually don’t take panadol cos I’m allergic to it. but this works. and no reaction! ;D

No Flu

wil is so lucky. get a new phone and a new cam on the same day -jealous- at least he let me play with his cam I love his cam though it’s a sony plus it’s pretty laggy.

we went to tampines fish & co. to have dinner. let me tell you, it was my first trip to fish & co. -embarrassed look- yeah. I’ve never been to one and finally, when I’m 18 years and 6 months old, wil brought me to fish & co.

well, nothing that spectacular or anything. but it is an experience. haha. I even used his cam to take pics! I think I could have a photo composition soon. I have so many caption ideas -grins-

wil was crazy man. he kept asking me to take self pics together. most of them are pretty spas. and he’s sending me those pics via msn now. ack! I look so spas in most of them -wails- I’ve lost my photogenic-y -pouts-

ooh~ and I’m bloated -pats fat tummy- I think I’m gonna weigh like a fat cow again

yeah. it’s been 7ners night. two nights in a row too! ;D

wednesday was bad work day for me. shan’t go through details so I was hoping that by meeting 7ners later in the evening would cheer me up. boy. not only did they cheer me up. they made me laugh. haha..

we met at fullerton hotel (well, outside technically) as srjc was having their prom night there. we saw cheng teng off to the prom after we met her and took pictures together. she was wearing this really lovely black gown and as she walked away from us, sis (was it?) said, “it’s like sending cinderella off.”

and the funny thing? jo and I said at the same time, “in black?!” -rofl-

we chilled around boat quay the coffee bean there and we all hated the part about walking through boat quay. well, jo detested it. coz all the hostess would be trying to get you to sit down and have a drink. hmm. we could have after all we were all (except pk) legal and it was ladies’ night.. haha. but bah, I hate beer o_O

so we sat at where the big bird sculpture was and talked most of the time. sis taking random shots, pwen looking into pk’s phone messages -chuckles- a nice girls’ night out. it’s weird. I kinda miss boss come back soon boss! hope she’s doing fine in aussie.. lucky her!

and unfortunately, I’m blogging in my workplace and I can’t use the comp tonight when I get home so I can’t upload the pictures

last night pwen & I wanted to get an interview at rockymaster’s but turns out we need to make an appointment o_O so we (plus pk) just chilled at heeren and took neoprints. bah. the first one really looks nice but we look so pale.

so I suggested going over to far east plaza where the neoprint machines were much better. and really, we had a whole load of fun just taking snaps after snaps ;D I spent a total of 9 bucks on this man. come to think of it, pk and pwen cheated me! -scowls- the last neoprint we took, I paid 2 whole dollars more and we all got an equal share of the pictures!

I protest!!!

you guys so owe me man. but let’s go take again another day. and yeah, can’t upload coz I can’t use the comp -wails-

today, work at the restaurant was ok I guess. I didn’t need to give out flyers so that’s a pro. I broke a bottle of tiger and that was a con. but overall it was ok. hey 7ners, remember miss susanna (sp?) ho? the netball teacher? she’s a friend of my boss and she came to eat today!

she told me to sit down coz she wanted to talk to me (uh oh..) but what she wanted to say was that she wanted to recruit me into sac alumni o.O I’m. not. kidding.

apparently, she’s the new president and she wants to make the alumni a more ‘hip’ place. so she needs support from us youngsters o.O but I think it might work. coz the last batch that was running the alumni was like, grad in 60’s batch? -jaws drop- yeah. that old (oops)

she’s trying to get sac alumni special discounts at 77th street. turns out that the lady who started this franchise is an ex-sacian! not kidding! so what say you guys? help me spread the word in friendster since I’m not in there. lol..

and to end it off, I shall just paste this thingy I got from ;p

if I were a month I would be: june
if I were a day of the week I would be: wednesday
if I were a time of day I would be: 1500 hours
if I were a planet I would be: pluto
if I were a sea animal I would be: dolphin
if I were a direction I would be: north
if I were a piece of furniture I would be: arm chair
if I were a sin I would be: envy
if I were a historical figure I would be: cleopatra
if I were a liquid I would be: vodka
if I were a tree I would be: cedar tree
if I were a flower/plant I would be: white/blue carnation
if I were a kind of weather I would be: sunny
if I were a musical instrument I would be: drums
if I were an animal I would be: koala
if I were a color I would be: blue
if I were a vegetable I would be: celery
if I were a sound I would be: voice
if I were an element I would be: fire
if I were a car I would be: I’m into cars so I’ll just say subaru. lol
if I were a song I would be: what I really meant to say – cyndi thomson
if I were a movie I would be: my sassy girl
if I were a book I would be written by: amy tan
if I were a food I would be: pizza
if I were a place I would be: the beach
if I were a material I would be: silk
if I were a taste I would be: bittersweet
if I were a scent I would be: chocolate
if I were a word I would be: hopeless
if I were an object I would be: paper
if I were a body part I would be: eyes
if I were a facial expression I would be: unhappy
if I were a cartoon character I would be: lilo (lilo & stitch)
if I were a shape I would be: broken heart
if I were a number I would be: 7