They either annoy me or amuse the heck out of me.

Usually sales folks who try and sell me insurance annoy me. Only because I need insurance and… I don’t have any. And because I do not have any, I’m a pretty good target for insurance agents. This puts me in their potential category and this annoys me greatly.

Credit card sales people, on the other hand, amuses me. Really, really tickles me, I must say.

Usually, I don’t get approached by them on the streets because, hey!—apparently I still don’t look 18! However, when someone decides to be bold and attempt to test if I was of age, I would be approached and I my response would be automatic: “I’m not working.”

There was once where this sales guy actually told me to get Guan to sign up for a credit card and then I had to tell him that Guan doesn’t even earn $30,000 a year! (The minimum wage to sign up for a credit card.) It amuses me what sort of ideas and reasons they can come up with just to sell me their products as I’m not the “normal” (potential, or not) customer that fits in their criteria.

Anyway, I’m writing about this because I was at the supermarket earlier to buy my regular, same old brand of facial wash when this sales aunty (yes, I had to say aunty) commented, “This one not good. Makes your skin dry.”

I admit I was a little surprised because she came out of nowhere :neutral:

So I told her it was okay and wanted to escape from her when she said more things along the lines of “this one really makes your skin dry” and “see how dry your skin is” followed by “come I show you this”.

I obligingly followed her to the next aisle where she picked up a facial wash and passed it to me. The first thing that caught my eye were the HUGEASS letters “UV” followed by a smaller word “white” at the bottom of the letters. So I told her, “Thanks, aunty, but no thank you. I don’t like UV whitening facial wash.”

I caught the surprise in her eyes and she said, “But this is very effective! Makes your face whiter…”

“No thanks, aunty, I don’t like fair skin.”

A stunned look. But she quickly recovered and said, “But you should try anyway. Can get rid of your freckles…”

“Thanks, aunty, but no thank you. I love my freckles.”

Another stunned look. “But you have so many…”

“I know, but I love them.”

“Then why not you try this one,” she picked out another facial wash. “Can use together with your facial wash. Cleanse inside your skin so you won’t have pimples.”

Thanks a lot, aunty. I’ve been exercising regularly since last week and I could feel that my face was getting dirtier than usual. And, somehow, over the course of the night before, my face showed three fresh new pimples sprouting out of nowhere. So, thank you, aunty, for pointing that out to me.

I didn’t have the heart to give her another mind blowing explanation of how I’m actually too lazy to wash my face, let alone wash it with two facial cleansing products. So I politely thanked her and declined her promotions as I made my way to the checkout counter.

I got this from Dianna Agron’s tumblr which is so interesting because I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!

Common Birthdates

Well, kinda. But I remember ever since I was in primary school, most of my friends’ birthdates fell between August to October.

Anyway, don’t you think it’s time I attempt to revive this thing?

It is 10.45 p.m. and it is Zayden’s bedtime.

(to his grandfather)
Zayden: Ye Ye! Good night! Harg!
(hugs exchanged)
Zayden: Kees!
(kisses exchanged)
Zayden: Mama! Good night! Harg!
(we hug)
Zayden: Kees!
(we kiss)
Me: Love you!
Zayden: Lob yew!
Me: Take care!
Zayden: Tak care!
Me: Sweet dreams!
Zayden: Shweet dreem!
(runs back to grandfather)
Zayden: Ye Ye! Tak care! Shweet dreem!

Aww *hearts*

Over the past couple of weeks, the poor kid has been bitten by mosquitoes. So much so that he has serveral weird bumps on his skin. One such bump was on his hand.

This morning, his Ah Ma asked him, “Did mosquito bite you last night?”

He pointed to the bump on his hand.

Yes, he knows what a mosquito bite is

Last weekend was spent celebrating Zayden Asher’s first birthday It was a two-day affair since there were many people we wanted to invite. Saturday was at home with his relatives and friends while Sunday was at my old home with my relatives and friends.

It was pretty easy to entertain people on Saturday since there was a wide screen TV and a home theater system. All we needed to do was pop a DVD in and hey presto!—people are entertained.

Zayden Asher turns 1!
Totally into Avatar

Since Guan had to entertain his friends and his parents, their relatives, I just made sure that there are enough chairs, that people have taken their food from the buffet and making sure that everyone has a drink (or two). Inititally, when some relatives and friends came early, Zayden was pretty cheerful and socialized. But as the night went on and more people came, the crowd became a little too overwhelming for him and he clung onto me every now and then.

(While going through my photos, I realized that I am missing photos from my sister’s camera so there are a lot of photos that I can’t add to this post. I guess there will be another post on this event.)

Zayden Asher turns 1!
Really yummy cake!

Zayden Asher turns 1!

Zayden Asher turns 1!
Lighting the candle

As the birthday song was sung, he got all happy and clapped along.

Zayden Asher turns 1!

A few days prior to this celebration, Guan’s father tried to teach Zayden how to blow out his birthday candle. It wasn’t successful so on that day, we coaxed him to attempt to blow. As we were encouraging him, “Go on, Zayden. Blow the candle. Remember how to blow?” He suddenly stuck out a finger and extinguished the flame!

Everyone was so shocked! I quickly checked his finger but it seemed fine. In fact, he looked like he was about to cry with everyone’s outburst

Zayden Asher turns 1!
Cutting the cake

Zayden Asher turns 1!

Zayden Asher turns 1!
Having his first taste

Zayden Asher turns 1!
Yup, he loves cake

On Sunday, Guan, Zayden and I went over to my old home at noon to help decorate the house. I have to say I was rather surprised because I did not expect my parents to actually decorate! On my first birthday I remember not having any balloons nor streamers/banners hung up around the house. Grandparents really spoil their grandchildren, eh?

(After the party, my mom insisted that I should take a few photos of the decorations. It wasn’t much. But, still.)

Zayden Asher turns 1!

Zayden Asher turns 1!

Zayden was actually rather cranky because he didn’t nap. So when most of the guests arrived, he was napping away :?

Zayden Asher turns 1!
My cousin’s kid, Cheyenne with Nicole

Zayden Asher turns 1!
Cousins and second cousins

Zayden Asher turns 1!
My sister with Dylan (Cheyenne’s brother) and Yoda

Zayden Asher turns 1!
My family (minus my dad who’s the photographer) with my grandmother

Zayden Asher turns 1!
My friends Tarmidzee and Li Lin

(Um, yes. He doesn’t really like to wear clothes.)

Zayden Asher turns 1!
With Joel

At the end of the day, Zayden had a lot of presents.

Zayden Asher turns 1!
Left: my side; Right: Guan’s side

We decided to let him open one

Zayden Asher turns 1!
“Ooh, I wonder what’s the biggest gift like?”

Zayden Asher turns 1!
“Thanks for helping me Daddy!”

Zayden Asher turns 1!
“It’s a Winnie the Pooh airplane!”

Zayden Asher turns 1!

Due to the size of the gift, Guan and I initially thought it was a car. But since Guan’s in the airforce, my cousin got him the airplane. Sweet, ain’t it?

Did I forget to mention that Zayden started walking?

Zayden Asher turns 1!