I know that you may have come by here by accident or by the usual blog readings and linkings or maybe you’re from either Despair or Xposure. Either way, please kindly take some time off and vote for my site at Time After Time Awards in the following categories:

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Updates on how school went will resume at the end of the week

Finally! After 9483570394 gazillion years, I have come up with a brand spanking new layout! And I really, really, really adore it to pieces *attempts to hug layout*

It took me half a day to come up with my rough idea and editing the images, a day to code it in Notepad and half a morning to convert it over to WordPress pages. Results? I present to you “Pretty Feet” (Uh, look at the footer image and you’ll understand.)

So this theme will probably stay up until I have time to make and code another theme *mehehehe* Wanted to save this for 2006 but I guess I’m way too excited

Happy New Year to everyone!
And may 2006 be a better year for all!

So, I’m getting back my files via cache by googling and yahooing. And, I’m re-doing my side bar (as you can see).

I’ve also moved some WordPress files from my other blog because it fits better in this blog (as the other one is more serious-based kind).

The next step is to fix my other sites (I’ve got a kazillion) and then I’ll put up my domain content here.

I am such a busy person online.

So, a new start here at my personal domain. I’m excited. I’m tired. I’m feeling rather stoic, too. Spent the last three hours editing the colours, icons and text and I’m not done yet. I edited the whole Blix Theme to my liking and used back my Avril Layout.

I hereby present version 7 of Sweet-Child.net: Yell in my Face.

Blueness does not kill.

guess what? yeah. opened another site. a fanlisting fans of breadtalk please go join conversations: the official breadtalk fanlisting! those who visited singapore or have heard of breadtalk and love their breads, feel free to join too. it’s said that breadtalk would be expanding to malaysia and indonesia soon

my diet’s really weird these days. I’m hardly hungry anymore. take today for instance. I haven’t consumed anything since morning besides a ferraro roche chocolate my executive gave me a couple of hours ago.

the past week I’ve just been living on probably one meal a day. sometimes that meal is just an ice cream o_O I don’t know. just ain’t hungry -makes a face-

and no wonder I felt that my working pants wasn’t as tight as two weeks ago. but I’m still as heavy as ever even though I’m thinner. life is too unfair.

I woke up real early today to claim the special *limited* edition of lotr poster printed by the new paper. was planning to reach toa payoh by 7.30am (they won’t release the posters till 9) but I was using the comp to make the codes for conversations -sheepish- and asked my dad to drive me there since I didn’t know where toa payoh north was ;p

when I got there at 8.38am, there was this long queue waiting in line already o_O so I just queued up and they started giving out queue numbers and I was number 152. but it was worth it