… “Roll over! Roll over!”

That was a song Nicole and I remember back in our childhood days from and old nursery video but we could not remember the lyrics now. The song follows with: “They all rolled over and one fell out…”

Annnd, I’m rambling :?

Finger lickin’ good!

Anyway, Zayden Asher rolled over on his own on Saturday. I was home alone since Guan was working and TIL were out. It was after I changed Zayden and left him in his cot to have his own playtime and I realized that he was unusually silent for a period of time (he tends to cry for attention within ten minutes or less). I had placed him face up but when I checked on his silence, he was face down! And I thought to myself, “Dang! I missed it!”

Well, he rolled over for me a little while later

These were taken a couple of days ago after his bath:


Eh, he’s actually posing


He leans to the left…

… and flips over!


As happy and thrilled I am with his little baby progressions, this whole flip/roll/turn-over thing has its cons: Zayden can’t stop turning over.

Whenever I place him in his cot, he immediately wants to turn over. It gets really hard to change his diapers now because he keeps wanting to turn over. There was once I told him to stay still and went out of the room for less than half a minute and when I returned, he was belly down :roll:

He managed to turn back face up once. But he usually has trouble doing so. That’s when he cries for help

… drum properly.

Anyway, a big “hello!” to you if you’ve popped over from Jo‘s blog. I’m sure the craftiness she has shared with you with her passion that is music-related has been truly awesome

I have never been really musically-inclined even though I could play the keyboard/piano, drums and guitar (mediocre, of course). But I have always wished I could drum a little better, I mean, I shall admit I have two left feet at times, thus, messing up the bass drum with my snare. That is why I really admire Joel (an ex-classmate who gave me a couple of drumming lessons) who could learn double paddling within a day (or was it two hours?)

drumming layout
(Click here to enlarge and for more info.)

Guan can drum better than me So it shall be my dream that Zayden Asher will be a drummer in future Me? Well, I shall wait a little longer until I have the time (and, perhaps, the funds?) to learn drumming again

I hope you enjoyed what I have to share Now go on and head over to Deana‘s blog to read what she has to share

On a side note, if you’re lost, feel free to head to Helen‘s blog to start the blog train as she’s the kind hostess who organized this

Well, New Year’s eve and day itself was quite uneventful. We collected Guan’s Nikon D70 (I sent it for lens cleaning as a gift for him) and had some fun taking photoshoots

Zayden and I

A rather blurred shot but he looks sooo cute


Guan and I went up to the top floor of the block to catch the fireworks. But even though he brought his tripod along, the photographs turned our rather disappointing :?

The view
The lovely view

So we decided to do some silly shots

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

I admit, I don’t look my best here :? (I mean, messy hair and home clothes, need I say more?) but we had fun taking them

One of Guan’s best pose

Now that we have a DSLR to play with, it’s time to take shots of my acrylic calendar! (Well, will do so another day, perhaps.)

Zayden is the first (and only) baby I know who sucks his index finger instead of his thumb.

So it has come to another end of another year. This year flew by way too fast.

I still remember on this day last year, I was still working at Loof as a bartender and having a blast after the clock struck 12 because everyone was spraying water at each other with the bar gun after our assistant manager toasted champagne with us into the new year.

Man, I really miss working there

End of 2008
Corin, Zen and I at the end of 2008

Anyway, 2010 will be a great year. Well, I am planning that it’ll be a great year. I have lots of goals and I hope that I can accomplish them. 2009 kind of failed since I didn’t have much goals set up. But next year would be different.

1. Journal diligently – I used to write in my spiral-bound notebooks/sketchbooks almost every other day back when I was in secondary school. Somewhere down the line two years ago, I stopped. Or rather, I wrote rather inconsistently. I was either too tired or my hand cramped way too easily while furiously writing everything down. I realized that it left a huge gap in my memories and a lot of things remained forgotten :?

2. Blog frequently – When I first opened my domain, I blogged religiously everyday. I guess it took a whole lot of my time because the reason why I blogged lesser and lesser was that I felt that blogging took quite a huge amount of time. I guess I like things to be neat and I edit every photo I post here (Hint to Guan: Blog more!)

3. Remember people’s birthdays – I always tried to keep up with everyone’s birthdays. I would be faithful in wishing them a birthday greeting. But by around April, I would tend to forget or the dates kept slipping off my mind. I must really try to keep this in 2010

4. Be more crafty – I stopped designing and coding websites for a couple of years now. I still have no passion in redoing my current theme (Laziness. Still, this current layout is nice). And every since I graduated from school, I stopped doing any crafty thing (aside from scrapbooking recently). I hope that my creative mojo would be back next year.

5. Get involved in communities again – I stopped forum posting when I put most of my online life on hold. It’s time to get back to the good ol’ community and make the connections again

6. Brush up on photography – As much as I enjoy photography, I am (as usual) still mediocre. Guan and I got this photography book and it’s all so wordy and full of theory that reading them makes me shudder :neutral: But he said he would help me out so I hope to take better pictures. I’m not sure if I should do the whole 356 photos a year (one a day) but we’ll see how it goes.

7. Finish up that cross-stitch piece that has been sitting uncompleted for the past year – That kind of spoke for itself

8. Take up Japanese class – Ever since I was 17, I have signed up for three Japanese classes. And I never completed any of them. It’s about time I completed one, eh?

9. Exercise regularly – Ever since I had to stop my late-night running with Felix, I totally stopped exercising. And I found out that I could no longer do a pull-up I have to be able to do my usual three pull-ups at one go!

10. Keep things neat and clean – I have been a very messy person since young. Unfortunately, Guan is also a very messy person. My attempts to keep our room dust-free has not been going well so far. Let alone keeping it neat and tidy. I can now understand what my mother has been trying to teach me all these years. (Thank goodness I don’t have my own home yet!)

This isn’t the full list but I thought it would be nice to share 10 things on my list What about yours? (Feel free to link to your blog if you have blogged about it.)

Well, half an hour more to go!

Wishing everyone a Merry New Year! May 2010 be a great year for all!

Merry New Year!
Merry 2010! From Guan, Zayden Asher and myself

This was from The Simple Woman’s Daybook in which I found via here.

Outside my Window: It’s past midnight where the sky is dark and the air is cool after an afternoon of rain.

I am Thinking: I should clear some space on the bed so I can actually sleep in it later…

I am Thankful For:
Guan who will be home most of the time till the beginning of December

From the Kitchen: A loaf of Gardenia wholemeal bread

I am Learning: More about Zayden Asher each day

I am Wearing: Canoe Polo Opens Championship 2008 tee and shorts.

I am Creating: A couple of birthday cards.

I am Going: To brush my teeth before hitting the sack. Or maybe eat some wholemeal bread before that

I am Reading: Fullmetal Alchemist volumes 20 and 21. (The series is finally ending *sad*)

I am Hoping: That I can actually accomplish something later today.

I am Hearing: The MIL doing the laundry.

Around the House: Two words—very messy :?

One of my Favourite Things: My (growing) collection of journaling cards

A Few Plans for Next Week: Spending more time with Guan and Zayden and making a few layouts.

A Picture to Share:

Zayden is communicating and responding even more compared to two weeks ago when he started cooing back when we talked to him. And, yesterday, he fell asleep on his own when we put him down for a nap. Yes, there were some attention crying every now and then. But after a while, he was finally quiet and still and fast asleep! Guan and I felt so proud of him

… till he woke up crying around half an hour later. Nah, we’re still proud of him

How time (somehow) flies.

Zayden Asher is now officially two months old! And he’s growing heavier and longer each day I must say though that there’s more growth in the first month compared to the second. Still, I can’t wait for the third month because my mother said that it should be easier taking care of him. I certainly hope so!

The little kidney bean