Jiayou Artello!

Remember that Nadine’s agenda for you girls:

  1. Kick Naddy’s ass and whack Naddy’s head as hard as you can when she has the sian diao face. (Stoning face counts as well.)
  2. Constant whackings on Naddy’s head will do her good. (Be careful of concussion.)
  3. Remind Naddy not to look for anyone in the viewers’ stand.
  4. Tell Naddy how much you love her.

But please beware:

  • Push Naddy into the pool and get ready for a flare up.
  • Pull her braids and she’ll throw her temper at you.
  • Say “F you lah!” in Naddy’s face (whether you mean it or not) will result in serious consequences.

Naddy loves all of you. I’m serious.

Note to readers: This is quite a long as well as image-heavy post.

Friday was dear Jolene‘s 18th birthday as well as the start of SPCT camp.

We had a lunch celebration with the team. And Jo’s classmates surprised her with a hawaiian pizza with candles

Happy Birthday Jo!

Happy Birthday Jo!
Joycelyn, Geok Cheng, Jolene and Me

I was a GL with Lex and this year, I had the largest group of 11 campers. Ichi (as in one in Japanese, and which we called ourselves) consists mostly of enthusiastic and pretty sporting freshmen which I’m glad to have. But I guess I started the camp with a lot of energy that gradually winded down by the end of the first day.
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Thought I’ll never reach this year in my life but, hey! I’m in my final year!

Not really looking forward to the re-opening of school to be honest. On Sunday, the day before school starts, SPCT had a team dinner at Marché at VivoCity.

It was a tad disappointing (food-wise, that is) because there is no more pizza and the cooked vegetables. Besides Rosti, there wasn’t any other thing that I was keen on eating. Furthermore, that place is much, much smaller than the former outlets at Heeren and Suntec City.

After most of the seniors have eaten something, they decided to go somewhere else to have their fill (since the food selections at Marché were limited and not to mention rather pricey) with most of the junior guys.

Leaving us:

Dinner at Marché
Joan, Lilin, Me, Jolene and Joycelyn


Dinner at Marché
Mervin, Yong Ming, Qi Zhi, Fahmi, Andrew, Jun Hui with Gary on top

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Saturday’s polo training was fair, I guess. Practiced as a keeper for the second time in matches against the junior guys and the Year 2 seniors. I was rather pleased to be able to block Johnny and Lloyd’s shots But Jun Hong’s power shot went in despite the fact that my paddle came into contact with the ball. Dang, my poor right forearm hurts from the impact :neutral:

After that, Artello (minus Lizhen) went to Cineleisure to have lunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Apparently, it’s been rated as the Chinese version of NYNY by them.

at Xin Wang HK Cafe
Geok Cheng, Joycelyn, Jolene, Me, Teresa, Lilin and Joan

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It seems like NYNY is our regular slacking restaurant after trainings. We went there again yesterday after polo just to sit, talk, and basically, slack.

We totally adore the candy floss there. I had two sticks

Geok Cheng, Jolene and Me with our candy floss

Geok Cheng, Jolene, Me, Joycelyn, Teresa and ???? Joan

After that, Hafiz bro asked us if we wanted to go bowling. Initially, our plan for the day was to go bowling or play pool at Marina Square but we were all too tired and felt a tad lazy. That’s why we ended up at NYNY to begin with.

Anyway, since Hafiz was treating the games while we forked out for the shoes rental, we went to bowl with him along with some of the seniors.

It’s funny to see them bowl. Especially after the first game and they were yelling, “Desmond! Even Nadine and Teresa can win you!” that kind of things :mrgreen:

Pretty sad that Jolene injured her arm and could not bowl after four balls. Teresa and I ended up playing her share

After that, we parted with the guys and ended up slacking at Coffee Club at Raffles City. The Muddy Mud Pie was awesome as usual but I just could not stomach much food today