Finally, after waiting online for more than two weeks, I finally got the photographs from Joanne’s birthday chalet! I was more eager to have our ‘neoprint’ shots because they looked really cool despite us looking like idiots

Our 'Neoprint' Shots

And a final note: a big THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for me every now and then. I’m catching up!

I want to wish one very special person and one close friend of mine a happy birthday.

Happy 22nd birthday Jun Wei!
You’ll be my only guy I ever need! I hope you enjoyed your time today.

Happy 18th birthday Joel didi!
Hope you have fun now that you’re a legal!

Yes, this domain has been around for two years. So, yay!

It came quite a long way to where it is now. It was (and still is) my personal domain. But, much lesser information (on myself) and content (for visitors) is up. And no, I don’t really plan on doing much besides a layout revamp that would probably be up after 8947509348 gazillion years…

Just kidding. But that shows how busy I am with school.

And on another note, it’s my father’s birthday. So,

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This year, it seems like everyone wants me to turn 20 earlier.

I’ve got Khong Hwee Ah Beng calling me two days ago while I was in class and here’s what happened:

Me: Hello?
KH: Ah Lian ar?
Me: Yeah, what?
KH: Happy Birthday!
Me: [???] Huh?
KH: Your birthday’s on the 8th, right?
Me: Yeah.
KH: So today’s the 8th mah. So Happy Birthday lor!
Me: Um, today’s the 6th.
KH: Har?! Oh, pai seh, pai seh.
Me: […] Oh, it’s okay. Thank you!

The next day, slightly after midnight, Siao Jia texted me wishing a happy birthday. She remembered that my birthday’s six days after her. Somehow, something possessed her to think that she was born on the 1st. Thus, making her think that my day’s on the 7th. When I told people that, they all went :mrgreen:

As I reached home yesterday, I was feeling rather down due to a runny nose and the thought of going to school today. This is the first birthday that I have school. It’s a really odd feeling, I tell you.

I guess the mild depression was chased away by two lovely letters I received. One was from Pensie which contained a cellphone-chain (something like a key-chain but it’s for the celly) and a handmade card. The other was a birthday card from Hong Chon.

I should tell you what happened last year. Hong Chon actually got me a card but (according to him) due to fate, he could not pass it to me. Instead, he sent me an MMS and I did not know all these till I read his blog last month.

So I guess he decided to send it to my home this year

And I still can’t. Older not in the sense of being older than me but, that you guys are a year older. Yes! And one of you is actually an adult by now.

The ability to vote! The privilege of watching (ahem) R-rated movies (not that I want to, really).

Happy 21st Birthday Jun Wei! My, my. Growing older every year, eh?

Not to forget someone else:
Happy 17th Birthday Joel didi! I know you hardly read my blog but, whatever. It’s nice to greet you here nevertheless

Hope you guys had a nice birthday Be it at the examination room or workplace, you know what I mean

Oh, I must not forget to start making the birthday cards…

yesterday, I went to get my identity card (ic) remade. I lost it when my wallet was missing over a year ago =/ haha. yeah. took me a year to save up supid sg$100. yes! you have to pay a bloody 100 bucks to get that card remade. if you lose it the second time, you’ll have to pay 300! *meeps*

btw, I look terrible don’t I? o_O

anyway, it was sam’s birthday yesterday and I gave him this gift I’d made. pity I didn’t have any cam with me else I’ll post it we went to plaza singapura’s swenson’s to have our lunch. and as usual, I had the chicken baked rice. lol.

today’s new year’s eve and I feel just like christmas eve: I’m mad over the same person. not just mad. really angry. and hurt. and sad..


anyway, I got this smashing poster today costs me sg$25! =/

it’s double-sided so I can’t bear to hang it! lol

happy new year everyone. hope yours is much better than mine. now it’s off to per’s place I go.