It was Soffie sis’ surprise celebration on Thursday.

We had dinner at this really fancy place called Giraffe. Surprisingly, I could not find a single main course on the menu that made me interested. Somehow, if I liked something, there is always some other weird combination to not make me what that item after all :neutral:

I was pretty tempted to get the lasagne but it had beef (Soffie got it and let me have some. A definite to kill for!) so I settled for some Japanese-Korean glass noodles with mushrooms. The serving was not large but I could barely finish up the last few forkfuls because the meal made me feel rather full with the amount of oil and gravy. (Which makes me wonder why Perrine did not feel the same way since we had the same thing.)

I feel really silly for letting slip about saving my stomach for the cake. It was meant to be a surprise! Arg!

But the cake was really lovely. Home-baked chocolate banana cake. Kudos to Amanda’s godmother!

Elisia did her usual here’s-what-I-got-for-you-in-one-of-my-overseas-trip thingy and gave us Milky Way bars, Ice Cream Skittles (Limited Edition), cherry-flavoured Hershey’s kisses and Starbursts (my favourites!)

Felt rather detached somehow but I guess everyone had their fun

PK, CJ, Me, Soffie, Perr, Elisia, Jo


And, yeah, everyone commented on how black I’m becoming. Hell, I’m even darker than Soffie right now!

First day of e-Learning week and I spent the day sleeping at home. Cough syrup is a great replacement for sleeping pills. e-Learning sucks, by the way. I would rather go school than have another 101 assignments dumped at me. Rawr.

(I know, you must be thinking, “It’s about time!”)

I actually typed a really long post on this and I accidentally clicked the close button. Well done, Nadine :?

So I met Elisia and she asked me to accompany her to Chinatown to collect something for her sister. I thought, well, I had time to kill so why not?

When we got there, we had to find this building and she went straight into a KTV lounge. I was going, “You’re collecting something here?” But she told me to follow her and follow her I did.

She led me to the very last door and when she opened it, I was greeted with a loud “SURPRISE!” and the pops of party poppers. Yep, the 7ners surprised me.

My surprised look

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She was busy and so was I. But somehow, both of us, including the rest of the 7ners were free last night to celebrate Perrine’s belated birthday.

Yes, another into the I’ve-turned-21-club.

We met up at Wheelock Place‘s n.y.d.c. where we had pastas, baked pastas and baked rice. Of course we had to have dessert. So after bloated stomachs, we stuffed ourselves with a slice of Max’s Oreo Cheesecake, an Irish Cream Mudpie and a Jedi Mudster.

Oh! Must not forget Eeyore

With Eeyore
Me, PK and Jo with Eeyore

With Eeyore
Soffie, Elisia and Perr with Eeyore

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A rather belated post but I decided to take my time

I had no idea what the programme was going to be as Jun Wei would be planning everything. He just told me to “meet at 1030 at Plaza Singapura“.

We had MacDonald’s for brunch. There, I gave him his anniversary gift. Cost me quite a bomb but it was definitely worth it

After that, we walked to Cathay Cineleisure because the next plan was to go bowling. Little did we know that the alley was closed for a gaming/entertainment centre :neutral: We had to walk back because he got us tickets to Cars at the new Cathay House

21 at Cathay House
Smirking at Cathay House

Jun Wei and Me

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It came as a surprise, and surprise me they did. My canoe junior girls along with Jun Yu gave me a mini pre-celebration for my 21st birthday yesterday along with a lovely chocolate cake.

They were surprised that I did not find out about their plans. I blame it on my blur-ness and slowness. Also, the lack of anticipating anything.

The blue Adidas shoe bag is lovely! Thank you my girls, and yes, I love you too!

Cake and Me
Blowing out the candles

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