Well, my first day of school was pretty normal I guess. Lessons have been going on and about. It’s been two weeks but I don’t want to be left behind so I’ve been attempting to revise everyday. My plan was to study every weekend but the past two weekends have been eaten up by camps. So I’m making use of today which is Labour Day

Canoe camp was fun. Fun in the sense that the canoeing parts were fun. I remember attending the same camp four years ago. However, both camps were rather different.

This camp was too big compared to last time’s so I could not bond with anyone closely. At the other camp, it was smaller-scaled and even though there were less than 30 campers, we bonded well together and even till now, four years later, we are still in contact with each other

Sigh, lovely memories back then.

Anyway, I am totally sunburnt because of the canoeing at Kallang as well as the trying of canoe polo back in the school’s swimming pool. Because of my spoilt skin condition, I was the only one who got this burnt :neutral:

I am such an idiot when I was rowing the canoe for canoe polo. I forgot that the paddling strokes were different from a normal canoe so I could not paddle straight. And I was the first one to capsize not once but twice :roll:

It wasn’t until I remembered that I had to paddle lightly, then did I get the hang of it. But before I could continue paddling, it was time to switch for the other groups to have a go with the canoes :mrgreen:

My skin’s much better now. Not so painful. My muscles doesn’t hurt as much either. But I guess it’ll hurt once I go for Tuesday’s gym training Do wish me the best of luck because I really need it

In less than nine hours, I will be starting the new school semester in a new school year. I am excited. Yet I’m afraid. Exactly like last year. Will I be able to work with my new classmates? Will I be able to keep up with my work? Will I be as busy as last year or even busier? Will I be able to survive this?

For all these and more, stay tuned and you’ll find out.

I have been so busy for the past week that I am so tempted to call for a hiatus until this crazy semester ends.

The new year went interestingly great. I have not been liking the Lunar New Year much since four years ago. My grandfather passed away before the CNY and because of some superstitious thingy, immediate relatives of the dead are not able to go visiting for 100 days lest they bring about ‘bad luck’.

So that particular year, New Year was spent like a holiday. A day to rest at home or to spend time with the family (we went to Sentosa that year).

So, as I was saying, I was not excited about the New Year at all. But somehow, my family went visiting for all three days! And I was supposed to be mugging for my exam paper right after the weekend holidays!

In order to cram while visiting, I brought along my notes to study. Unfortunately, the constant distractions from cousins, relatives, loud noise, food and the One Eyed Monster (the television) made me chuck my notes aside and involve in a game of mahjong.

Anyway, I’m doing this rather late but hey, as they say, better late than never!

I’ve been tagged by Sophie (much love!)
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Target: Male

  1. loving
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  5. adventurous
  6. mature
  7. thoughtful
  8. willing to change for the better

I tag… the 7ners (should they even read this post), Silver, Kya and Vanessa

School. Is. Killing. Me.

It’s the final term and I am so dead (as usual). I have got five assignments to complete for this term. Not to mention five papers to sit at the end of the term. And with the Chinese New Year drawing near, I am so not able to enjoy this particular festive season because half the time, my mind will be on my school work or my nose will be buried in my notes.

At times, I feel that I am a great procrastinator. No matter how well I plan my stuff, I still end up completing my assignments last minute, studying for test in the final hour and rushing to school in a taxi.

Three weeks ago, I planned a schedule to start revising my maths and java. I tried staying home, told my manager not to put me to work for two weeks and printed my notes from the school’s site. Till today, I have only completed two chapters on maths and none of java. The maths paper would be tomorrow and java the day after. What on earth am I thinking now? To think that I am still idling my time.

Someone, please, whack me in the head or something.

So, it’s almost the end of the term—as well as the end of the year—and that is when all the deadlines start sneaking in.

I’m serious—they sneak up on me when I am totally unaware and when I realise that I have only got less than a week to meet that deadline, I start to panick.

So not much news or updates around for some time…

To think that I have to mug for my tests during the Christmas break